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"To get back on the right path, I have to …" Lourdes Sánchez referred to his return to Dancing!

The dancer clarified his desire to return to the competition. Look what he said.

Weeks ago, Lourdes Sánchez was admitted to an urgent hospital and was immediately operated on because of a serious infection for which she lost her appendix and her fallopian tube. Since then the talented dancer has stayed away from her usual activities, especially those that require much of her body, such as dance.

Since then, Lourdes Super Dancing 2019 was replaced by Soledad Bayona and two important rhythms were lost. In tribute, Federico Bal, his partner, actually had a strong tour with the lawyers and was convicted. In that context the couple invited Chato Prada to the Mirtha Legrand bike where he expressed his desire to dance again.

"To return to the track, I have to wait for two rhythms. First they dance jive, which is a type of rock but faster. Then comes folklore, which I love. And I would return to the bachata, " confessed the children's cheerleader. "I hope Fede Bal paves me. He dances very well and sometimes the jury forgets that he is not a dancer, ”he added to defend his partner.

Then he talked about his health. "Saco
something positive from everything that happened, I could have died then I see things
another way, "he said. “I had an infection and they gave me a bad diagnosis
That's why I found something else when I walked into the operating room. I had a very bad time
last weekend I was still in hospital, but now I am already
Good, ”he added.

"I get something absolutely positive from everything that happened to me," he commented. “They ask me if it doesn't give me anything that my pipes have been removed and that I can't be a natural mother, and I swear all this was left in the background. Now I look forward and obviously I will be able to become a mother because there are many techniques. It is forward and positive ”, concluded Sánchez .

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