Activision, via the official Twitter account of Call of Duty, announced that Call of Duty: Warzone reached 75 million players just at the beginning of season 5. After the launch in March last year, it has become it free to play with the fastest growth in history. This should come as no surprise, as people in large parts of the world remain confined to avoiding coronavirus; Enjoying video games has become one of the most popular activities.

The success of Call of Duty: Warzone is so large that Activision has been forced to do so Think about the strategy that will continue with the franchise in the coming years. During its second quarter financial report, the company revealed that they were looking for “new ways”

; to join warzone with the annual payment title coming out each year. In fact, it is likely that the next part of the saga, so rumored Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, is announced in the battle of royale.

“Definitely starting with marketing Warzone influenced how we think about marketing in this new world. Right now we have a larger, more committed and more global audience than we have ever had in our history. This means that we can be more direct and more specific than ever. It’s a big advantage and an extra bonus for us when we think about marketing, “says Rob Kostich, President of Activision.

Integration with upcoming “Call of Duty”

Despite the benefits mentioned by the manager, it will be a challenge for the marketing team integration that will have warzone with the next games off Call of Dutyincluding those mentioned Black Ops Cold War. Right now, the battle of royale exists in harmony with Modern warfare, which has also been a success for its campaign and multiplayer. Will the atmosphere of the map, its characters and weapons change with a new edition? Kostich hinted that it would be so.

“You can expect there to be a very close connection between the two. It is obvious that Modern Warfare and Warzone are very connected, and I think that is very important for the player base. We also plan to do the same with all our upcoming titles, the prizes. So we can reward all our players and give them new experiences, whether they choose to just play Warzone or premium games. The connection will always be there. ”