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this is the most absurd game of the year

Video games can be a fantastic escape to the stress of everyday life, but this will not happen if you always struggle to get the highest score or if you start shouting at the screen every time they kill you with a shot from behind. A new game called Airplane Mode may be the most relaxed gaming experience you can imagine, as players only have the task of enjoying a passenger journey on a six-hour transatlantic flight that takes place in real time.

It is the first title published by AMC Games (the same television network that Breaking Bad brought us) and offers an experience similar to the game Desert Bus the largest exponent of patience and endurance of a player, where the only goal is to drive a bus along a desolate stretch of the highway for eight hours in a row without crashing, which sounds much easier than it really is.

Airplane mode adopts a similar strategy, but players do not have the task of flying the plane over the Atlantic. Instead, all they need to do is stay in their seat, which is fortunately next to the window, where real satellite imagery of the terrain during the route from flight is seen. During the six hours of flight, the usual things you can see in the real world happen. Players experience take-off, landing, can enjoy food on aboard or watch the flight crew roam the plane. There are even children crying t urb urgencies and until delays, all occurred at So every Flight looks like a different strenuous experience .

In addition to enjoying the landscape that you see through the window and being able to look around all you want the only distractions players have to make are their layouts are magazines ( with its crossword and sudokus ), airplane information card, a single book, a smartphone and the on-board entertainment system that gives 1930s royalty-free films . At least Desert Bus succeeds in distracting players by giving the responsibility of driving the bus .

If you also want to hit Airplane Mode, you have to wait until 2020 to download it at Steam. When the price of this torture is known we will update this post .

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