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They spread the identity of one of the murderers in the collective Leandro Miguel Alcaraz

The face's recreation was made thanks to the passenger's testimony. Leandro Miguel Alcaraz's companions demanded justice.

The investigation of the crime of Leandro Miguel Alcaraz, 26-year-old collectivist murdered on Virrey del Pino on Sunday, revealed a new clue about the killer who shot him after arguing for using the SUBE card. The Buenosaire police spread the identity of the criminals who walked internally 130 in line 620 together with another man.

Due to the testimony of a passenger, investigators were able to reconstruct their face. The Justice is still looking for witnesses who can provide more information about who are the two criminals who struggled with the driver.

The province of Buenos Aires, security minister, Cristian Ritondo, met the transport federations after the murder. After the meeting, he announced that the groups working at night will have anti-panic cameras and buttons. "We will provide a smooth credit for the implementation to be carried out, at no cost," he explained at a press conference.

The preliminary autopsy revealed that the driver died of a single shot, with a caliber of 0.38 caliber. The effect was on the thorax from the right, it went through the lung, it injured an artery and it did not come out. His relatives saw him in a cochery in the city of González Catán, in the La Matanza party.

Parallel, Alcaraz colleagues made a 24-hour stop of the lines that run west of Buenos Aires. In addition, they mobilized on Monday in front of police station No 2 in Virrey del Pino to demand justice. The neighbors agreed to the claim, as they claimed that uncertainty is a daily problem in the area.

Alcaraz's death was on Sunday, near 1

8 when two passengers arrived on the bus that ran in San Justo and discussed with him because they did not have the SUBE card to pay for the trip. The driver agreed to take them, but when they went to Bueras and Concordia they shot him.

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