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They had no load in SUBE, they attached a driver from the west and attacked the passenger

There were four, apparently minors. They put the gun in the driver's neck and told him, "this is loaded"

  They had no cargo in SUBE, they chained a driver from the west and attacked the passenger

The operation, which was installed in 520 and 139, area where it There was an assault on drivers in a few days / Dolores Ripoll

Less than two weeks of the crash as furious country and forced the debate on action to stop the uncertainty in the groups, another driver lived a scary situation while driving a trainee from the west line through the streets in La Plata and four criminals expose their lives to the risk and that of eight passengers, almost 1

00 meters away.

"I thought of my daughter and they shot me," said the protagonist of this story, Daniel Martínez, confessing that he had a bad time and was "very impressed". To know what had happened, his colleagues interrupted the service throughout the morning and the company gave him one week's leave.

Last night, the police launched a control operation in the area where the incident occurred, which is the same where another, very similar, happened a few days earlier.

The last happened about 22 on Friday, when Martinez finished the 16th internal west line at 520 and 141 stops, to get one woman and four teens it is estimated they would be between 16 and 18 years old.

"The lady had to go first and she paid her ticket," said the boy in a conversation with a local radio, but when the youngsters tried to do it "they did not have a balance on the card. I did them try three times until I said" see friend you have no balance. "

In a scene very similar to the one who released the assassination of Leandro Alcaraz in Virrey del Pino, one of the teens took out a gun. He put it on the driver's neck and said," Here I have

Shortly after, the gang set itself to steal the eight passengers' belongings: the woman I had climbed into the unit at the same stop as those and seven others on the trip

"They took me with the gun for a year and a half, stole everything they had to steal and how I was doing a maneuver, my colleagues realized what was happening, they started calling 911 and stopped," explained Martínez .

According to the driver when they attacked h a fly to attract other bus drivers, they noticed him and threatened him with "Burn it." Soon after, he heard "the sound of the trigger who pulled back."

"It was a 9 millimeter", Martinez explained, "I know I had it in front of my eyes ".

The criminals then removed the vehicle key, which was stopped at 520 and 140, and they ran away. Outside the moment he described as "terrible", Martinez highlighted the accompaniment of his companions.

The complaint was filed in the La Union subcommittee, where union representatives of UTA and the company 9 de Julio also participated. The service on the western line was interrupted between 22.30 and 7.30 pm yesterday.

"Our life is worth more than we do and we have to take care of ourselves," Martinez reflected, even though he acknowledged, "many times it is not enough. The police have a prerequisite, but the solution must come from above. The politicians take a letter on the subject "demanded. In relation to the protest's opponent, the driver told the driver that he had left "Half the city of La Plata without buses," which is "too bad because the passenger who goes to work is not going to blame".

Finally, he said that at the moment when he felt the pressure on the tube on his throat, he thought of his daughter and proceeded without risking his life or passenger life: "I wanted to avoid being shot and I solved it Well, One day, what happened to the comrade in Buenos Aires, "referring to the murder of Alcaraz, for which there are two suspects arrested. From the west line, they told this newspaper that Friday was the second assault that a driver of that company was charged in the same area, a few days apart, so they did not rule out that it was the same band.

The UTA delegates would agree with the authorities in the La Plata department to conduct police and identification activities on buses of different lines and, in particular, West, in the syndicated zone as a risk.

In this way, after yesterday two police control stations were set up in 520 and 139 and in 32 and 143 with troops from La Union, the Department of Education and the Local Commission.


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