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There are two suspects arrested for colectivero crimes in La Matanza

Two young men arrested on Tuesday, suspected of being involved in Death of Leandro Alcaraz killed the driver of the 620 line on Sunday afternoon at Virrey del Pino Prevention detained, accused of murder for breach of colectivero .

  Identikit. By the supposed assassin of the driver Leandro Alcaraz in La Matanza.

Identikit. By the supposed assassin of the driver Leandro Alcaraz in La Matanza.

These are two subjects of 1

7 and 18 years identified as Rodolfo Manuel Osorio, alias "Rodolfito" and Jonathan Maximiliano Acevedo, alias "El Viejo", both residing in the Viceroy of The Pine, more precisely in Barrio San Pedro where the murder was committed.

  Province of Buenos Aires La Matanza party April 16, 2018 Nabör protests for lack of safety on the road 3 km 33 relatives and close friends wakefulness foto Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi team 11723 - FTP CLARIN RAS_2533.jpg Guest Z

Justice. In front of the room where they saw the remains of Leandro Alcaraz, the collective murdered in La Matanza. Foto Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

The neighbors in the area and drivers of the 620 line had already indicated those involved but until the early hours of this Tuesday when they were arrested by IDF troops La Matanza en la calle Martín García to 8000 (residence "Rodolfito"), the prosecutor's office had no decisive parts for his detention as defendant.

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As changed by testimony of a direct witness of facts a person resisting the drive the collective of Alcaraz who witnessed the whole sequence committed to the brutal murder.

  Cortes of the crimes of the collective Leandro Alcaraz. PEDRO LÁZARO FERNÁNDEZ.

Justice for Leandro Alcaraz, the collective worker murdered in La Matanza. Photo: Pedro Lázaro Fernández

"It was the key to be stopped by contributions from a third person who went bankrupt before the prosecutor and told how the arrangement was", says one of the investigators. According to the testimony the oldest should have been the actor while the minors had their pregnant partner at San Justo Hospital and therefore he went on the bus.

The protest continues for the murdered bus driver and about 20 lines do not provide service.

Both prosecutions were transferred to the tax office during the first hour, where will receive an investigation report . In the survey, they participate in the UMI thematic for homicides by Matanza, responsible for Jose Maroto and UFI for minors responsible for Emilio Spatafora.

Under anxiety, clothes, shoes, mobile phones and radio equipment were grabbed. But so far, it could not be found with the murder weapon, a caliber 38 determined in the autopsy performed on the victim's body.

Sources of investigation continue to track direct witnesses to those who happened on Sunday afternoon. , when Leandro Alcaraz received two shots at point range as he drove inmate 103 in line 620, near San Pedro de Virrey del Pino.

  Court and protest in front of Viceroy del Pino police station. (Maxi Failla)

Justice by Leandro Alcaraz, the collective murdered in La Matanza.Photo Maxi Failla

According to Attorney General La Matanza, Patricia Ochoa, it was already possible to collect all the information from SUBE system machine that the unit counts, and refer to General Management of SUBE for study. In this way, they hope to approve or discard the version that one of the transport passengers lent their card to criminals so that they could travel.

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"certificate declarations were brought to dawn, passengers in the collective but these people could not see the exact moment in the shot yes the discussion that arose as a result of the card, "the prosecutor counted earlier.

But he also stated that "there is a witness that gives the traits of witnesses, a witness who testified during the night, but we must continue to see if we can get more information."

At dawn declared They are also accused of mothers, as both live with their families.

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