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There are already two catches for Caseros diariero – El Eco

Buenos Aires (Télam) A man was arrested yesterday and accused of being another of the perpetrators of Carlos Fabián Manduca's crimes, the diarrhea and retired police who were killed last Thursday with a shot in his head after opposing an attack in Caseros Buenosairea, the reason for already adding two prisoners of fact, informed legal and police sources.
One is a suspect for 39 years, nicknamed "Dani", who was caught by cash at the 3ra police station. by Tres de Febrero in a house located on Mexico Street at 2800, in the Villa Pineral district of the suburb's northwestern city.
For the death of Diariero, a teenager of 1

7 had already been arrested on Thursday night. years after being delivered by his uncle, who refused to testify to prosecutor of the Marcelo Tonelli Prosecutor's Court and, as explained by Advocate General of San Martin, Marcelo Lapargo, "would not be the shooter", although "yes one of the participants" for the assault.
For this reason, the sources suggested trying to create through the video where the assassination was recorded if the new prisoner is the one who performs a shot in the victim's boiler, allegedly with the 9-gauge gun. millimeters that the retired federal police used to wear.
As much as a third suspect for the crime could not be found in his address during the raid, the reason that in the afternoon he was volatile and was nothing. It was sought in the area of ​​police.
The incident occurred last Thursday at 5.30 in the morning, when Manduca stood at the corner of Bartolomé Miter and Zanella, in Caseros newspaper arrival.
The man had planned to load the newspapers in his truck, parked a few meters away, since he had acquired a sales outlet two months ago.
At that time, diariero – who had retired from the federal police since 1996 – arrived by three thieves who came and two of them began to fight him.
A recording of a security camera recorded the moment when the newspaper and one of the criminals fell on the floor, after which the accomplice shot the former police, who died before he could assist.
Sources of investigation showed Télam that after analyzing in detail the video could be determined that the attacker as he performed a shot in the forehead of Manduca when he had already fallen on the street did not carry a weapon but lifted a gun from the floor.
The investigations believe that the 9-millimeter gun was the one who used to carry the federal police retired and that, according to the video, could have fallen to him during his fight with the first attacker who approached him.
"We know the statement about relatives and other witnesses that Manduca had bought a nine millimeter pistol for personal safety about two years ago and that he always carried him while he went to work, told a legal source to Telam.
The same informant clarified that "the weapon did not look anywhere", so the suspicion is that it is the murder weapon and that the criminals took it after committing the murder.
The criminals seized the victim's truck which later appeared to be burned near the army of the Andes , from Ciudadela Norte, known as "Fuerte Apache."
Manduca's crime was committed a few hours later and about 25 blocks from the owner of a farm selling agricultural products, Manuel Palacio (51), was murdered. Even during an assault committed in Tres The Febreros Party.
The investigations attempted to determine whether, despite the fact that the crimes were committed six hours apart, were performed by the same gang, because in the boat a fallen seized guns seized by caliber 9 millimeters.
After both events, the neighbors mobilized in front of the local municipality in demands of greater security to mayor Diego Valenzuela.

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