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The woman makes them all fun: she said "vistima" in an interview and now lives a calvary

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 12:11

Elizabeth Ogaz made a mistake saying a word and now condemns that she cannot leave her house because they are making her bullying.

Elizabeth Ogaz reached fame in the least imagined way . This woman from La Calera, Chile, was interviewed by a television program to talk about the divorce against the former president of Chile, Sergio Jadue, with professional football association (ANFP) with María Inés Facuse in Miami.

The Chilean leader remains in Miami as a witness protected by the corruption case FIFA and Conmebol. There he was condemned by his ex-wife for domestic violence and he condemned her for abusing the daughter they have in common.

In this context, Ogaz, who worked for years with the couple as a domestic worker, said he was suffering from abuse in the hands of Jadue and Facuse; as, for example, the marriage was owed money for the services that were done and tried to "threaten" and "thief".

When Asken asked about Facus' attitude towards his husband, Ogaz said: "I think the show is finished." That mistake gave him unwanted star in social networks. Users created from memes to a remix with their voice to flaunt this grammatical error.

In dialogue with Observer, the woman was counted: "The first thing I want to say is that this is not for me. I have problems with my teeth and I pronounce many words wrong. I told the problem that I had with Jadue and his wife to Channel 1

3, I told them it was that they were left with almost six years of my service and they did not pay me, I told them how petulant and how bad we were treated woman when we working there, "she said.

She also revealed that he became a victim because it has reached the level that she cannot even leave her house. He also said that they must intervene Carabineros to calm the people who had bullied him without success. "I feel bad because we can't go out on the street, yesterday we went shopping in the supermarket and people looked at us and laughed, they annoyed us and shouted things, they even asked us for pictures, my daughter had to to come out to defend myself and tell them to stop disturbing me Today I felt bad, I bought and I could not continue, carabineros had to come and leave me and when I left, a neighbor asked what happened to me and even the police said no, if you do vistima! ", blackmailed.

Ogaz directly accused the media of having echoed his mistake and laughed at him in the programs . "The second day I saw myself in Morandé with the business program and everyone laughed at my expense. It is an irresponsibility for the channels and the media because they bully me, they make money at my expense, they don't even know what I'm going through." 19659010] But the saying "there is no harm to good" did not come up "in this story and the woman got the talk of four dentists who offered her and her entire family a completely free treatment .

But undoubtedly, the most mobile was that several people approached her house unselfishly, willing to help her financially and increased nearly 400,000 pesos.

Source: https://viapais.com.ar/argentina/982446-el-calvario-de-la-mujer-que-se-volvio-viral-tras-decir-vistima-en -TV /


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