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The top ten and worst countries in the world for being a woman | chronicle

While there is no perfect country for gender equality, a study revealed which territories are better and worse for including women in society, their sense of security and access to justice. [19659002] The study, developed by National Geographic and the Oslo Peace Research Institute, considers the well-being of women in 167 countries around the world during the period 2019-2020.

To do this, the researchers designed the Index of Women, Peace and Security to measure global differences and exposure to discrimination across different categories.

If they have a mobile phone, if they feel safe walking on the street at night and if they are surrounded by men who value His professional performance are some of the issues included in the above index.

The study will be published on cusp 2020, commemorating the 25 years of the Fourth United Nations World Conference in Beijing, with the goal of contributing to the design of policies to improve women's lives around the world.

The best and worst

The top ten women in the world are Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Countries The survey indicated Low and Singapore.

On the other hand, he reported that the top ten are Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Central African Republic, Congo, Iraq, Mali, Sudan and Niger.

Countries in the world (variations in red: the worst, and blue: the best).

Other positions are India (131 °), Russia (55 °), Italy (32 °), Japan (29 °), Portugal (20 °), France (21 °), USA (22 °) and Germany ( 12.).

In the region, the rankings are led by countries of Argentina (59 °), Uruguay (60 °), Chile (62 °), Bolivia (64 °), Paraguay (71 °) and Brazil (82 °).

The region according to the index for women, peace and security.

Despite significant progress in women's rights in recent decades, research shows that significant levels of inequality remain between women and men in terms of access to work, in terms of pay, unpaid care work, and participation in exercises on power and decision making.

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women's life today and provides a central place for their rights, then emphasized UN Women .

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