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The technologies of baston blanc and other solutions are used for people's vision and reduction

On October 15, Día Mundial del Bastón Blanco an alusión and an elemental element of his person's vision and vision, was identified, including the fines . The conmemoración pretends to be concise as far as the person of the person is visually and visually displaced with independence and segregation.

Elaston constitutes an element of indispensable and moving and form a part of an ecosystem of accessibility fundamentally. An este camino, la tiflotecnología (tiflo, en griego, ciego) see the exact details of the investigators and the personnel involved in the discapacidad visual

¿Qué tipo de innovación ha visto el basto los últimos años? “Siguen siendo los más utilizados los de rastreo plegables, que ten tramos. Tambians existed in bastones with mounting gates for the dissensions: no more lasers than regulares, including the high level of the baston and the gears for the person's place of form, but in Infobae Graciela Morel , Deputy Director of the ASAC (Association of Ayuda al Ciego).

Como innovación tecnológica destaca WeWalk . It is very intelligent with the help of voices and Turquía, compatible with Google Maps. You can find a person who is looking for something different than an efficient cuando están solas. This disposable powder detector is capable of reaching the levels of pecho and cables and travels in an ultrasonic sensor.

Finally, Morel destined for Argentina's creation, with international protocols, the Escuela de Guía Argentinos. “Let the person be in the usuary del perro, per teniendo of competencies and habilidades del uso del bastón. El perro guía no reemplaza al bastón. Pensions are not a solo baston, but they are a bastion for a person who has a vision: it is not necessary to do so and is required to do so by us ”, aclara.

The evolution of the lecturer's maquette

“La Argentina is the Latin American primer for incorporating the lecture maquette, Open Book, Galileo and Excalibur. También el software de lectura de pantalla JAWS and HALvigentes, de actualizaciones hasta la fecha ”, dice a Infobae Rubén Luis Battipede, titular of Tecnoayudas, of various solutions of tiflotecnologia he has a capacity of 26 years.

This program is allowed o visio pueda acceder plenamente al uso de la PC o notebook. "It is very important for the study, the trabajo and the savings of mayor imports, surgida and los 30 years," asegura Battipede.

Según explica, and 1994 the model of lecture established in accordance with a CPU, with the DOS program , a developer of the camera and a synthesizer of voices (CIBER de España or APOLO de Reino Unido).

“It is the function of the CPU to incorporate the sonor integration. They install a software llamado Open Book, which subsists with actual updates. Open Book Ten OCR (Recorder of the Character Optic), the Ten Capacity of the Convertor of Characters Gráficos and General, and the palabras, which are genera una huge utility for quiaes estabedidos de la lectura visual. Recovered to two monitors to colocarse and to the body of auto median ", Battipede aggregate.

La máquina, a colocada to the pagina, which is a descriptive escort, and to lectures and minutes. , debido al tiempo de procesamiento. Luego's iniciaba la lectura parlante.

La voz, your francamente extraña y poco agradable. Especially the robot, which is not a super alcoholic drug "Battipede's final.

Accesibilidad: herramientas de Google and Microsoft

Chrome made lector pantallas (o screen readers) and travels the ChromeVox Classic Extension extension. Así, it is possible to access the web with a devolucion and voz alta.

Existing sites have tens of images or graphs of their descriptions. By way of example, Chrome is integrated into a function that describes the images and voices . Segun el system operatio, varos los pasos que hay que seguir, aunque esta solis available en inglés.

Por su parte, Google Maps ten una function, solo en inglés en Estados Unidos y en japonés, que sirve de guía por voz para ayudar a personas con limitaciones visuales o ciegas. The idea of ​​the company is extender of function and otros idioms .

The Google app, Voice Access, permits control of the available median commands of the Google assistant. Entre otras cosas, permit abrir aplicaciones, desplacer y editar texto sin utilizar las manos. It is available solo for Android.

And in the case of Microsoft, it is possible to create a project for the Soundscape investigation. Functions with auriculares and cellular sensors, median sensors, the movement of the person and the activist of the person and the automotive industry, and travels in 3D audio channels, the points of interest or calls for the transit .

También, tiene una app para descriptor personas, textos y objetos, denominada Seeing AI. For the moment, they are only available for iOS. For Windows 10's integral features como Lupa (amplifier to the part of the pantalla for more powder and imagery) and reconciliation of voz with a narrator que lee and voz alta The text of the pantalla and the description of events, notifications and citations and the calendar.

For example, the various functions of the herramientas, Office 365 cuenta con lectura and voz alta y dictado (convierte las palabras habladas en texto)

La Argentina is the first pais de habla hispana to incorporate Orcam MyEye and idioma español. It gives them side-by-side descriptions and Israel and permits learning and synthesis and form instantaneous text imprints and digital images . Solo is not a direct guide to hacia or object level or signal to you. Tens of a battery is rechargeable, which is almost 2 hours.

For the part of Retiplus, the original Spanish, también gafas inteligentes que integran realidad aumentada Epson Moverio, with software especially desarrollado in España.

Estos dispositivos posa una cámen which captures the images in the video which is useful in this regard. The software process enables you to customize your personalized data and usages and calibrations by a specialist. The images are presented and the real dent of the pantas de las gafas.

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