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The strong phrase of a young candidate to Buenos Aires legislators on PJ – 06/25/2019

Ofelia Fernández, the 19-year-old feminist and former president of the Carlos Pellegrini School's Student Center, made a strong statement when asked about the reaction of her candidacy to the Buenos Aires lawyer by Frente de Todos among the traditional leadership of PJ.

"The second day was the end of lists in PJ's headquarters, while people screwed some things half enormously and nobody looked at me with great love … That a 19-year-old girl suddenly has more opportunities than any of those who want to sit there do not like them, because I have no pija or experience I am annoyed by my youth, except being a mine, "Fernandez said on Tuesday morning.

In dialogue with radio Futurock the young woman who in September 2017 led to 30 schools being protested against the education reform promoted by the Buenos Aires government, he believed that his candidacy could be a starting point for that more young people would get positions of power in politics.

"Before, it wasn't an option, not even for myself. I think it will build a naturalization and will be very interesting in the future," he said.

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Consulted criticism of her postulation, especially from Eduardo Feinmann, with whom she had several television transitions, Fernandez said the journalist "is obsessed" with her .

"Your ideas generally circulate within an area that is a good looking campaign The campaign makes you talk to everyone and somehow I have prepared myself psychologically for this (criticism). It is very disturbing what my candidacy means "he said.

  Ofelia together with former President Cristina Kirchner.

Ofelia together with former President Cristina Kirchner.

The young woman who received a place on the vote of Kirchner for the legislator on request, Máximo Kirchner attempted to criticize part of PJ's traditional leadership

And he explained: "They have much There is much of his career that puts them in impunity of principles. They do not do politics by conversion but by wages, cameras and posts and that is it The worst thing that can happen to politics is that those who do not control us are not surprising, but I think they must have a closer connection to the military and the popular sectors in our space. "



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