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The next title at the Days Gone studio is already in pre-production

We have long known that Bend Studio, developer of Days Gone is working on a new AAA title. Although the information is confirmed, little is known about this project.

Fortunately, some additional details about the new Bend Studio have just arrived. This is thanks to the personal profile on LinkedIn (via DualShockers ) by Jeremy Vickerym, who led the lighting team from Days Gone .

His profile confirms that the new game in Studio has already specified pre-production. So it takes more and more shape, but it seems that the wait is a little long. Although it was previously pointed out that the project was under development for PlayStation 4, the same security is not available now.

It is estimated that the game may be under development for PlayStation 5, as the pre-production stage means that there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to planning.

Then comes the production itself and then the post production, which for many years represents months or even years of work. For this reason, one begins to think that the game will reach PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, Vickerym's profile does not provide more information about the project, so for the moment we can only wait to learn more information about it. When it comes to theories, there are those who think it's a whole new title, while others expect something related to Days Gone .

Days Gone is available as an exclusive for PlayStation 4. Want to know more about the title? Then click here.

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