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The lawyer for Axel's complainant spoke: "The victim gave many details of what happened"

A young woman reported last Wednesday to singer Axel for sexual abuse . The young woman made the formal presentation to Cipoletti in the Public Prosecutor's Office and from the agency already informed about the matter.

Telefe Tucumán interviewed attorney José D & # 39; Antona, the young woman's lawyer, and talked about the complaint in Río Negro, where the incidents occurred in 2017.

The cover is currently for simple sexual abuse. "The Prosecutor will be responsible for giving the real name of the cause later" explained D & # 39; Antona and added: "The victim condemned with many details of what happened and From there, the prosecutor's office presented all details made for these types of complaints required by law. "

As to evidence, D & # 39; Antona stated: " In the case of There are generally no cameras or witnesses, but in the complaint filed yesterday there is evidence. We have mentioned and requested evidence from prosecutors. We provide testimony and informational evidence. The prosecutor has the power to take them and look for them as well as anything else. leading to clarification of the matter. ".

When asked at what stage the case is the case, D & # 39; Antona : " It is in the hyperembryonic phase. Yesterday the complaint was filed, tomorrow there would be a meeting with the head of the prosecutors in the area. There are internal bureaucrats and procedures that yes or yes we have to do it carefully, and now the machines are beginning to investigate. We are fully available with all the requirements that justice needs. ".

So far, neither the singer has made any statements nor made statements after the complaint.

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