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The great goal of Tiger of Gorosito for pure touch to open the score

Tic, tac, tic, tac. It may be the sound of a small clock or the resonance of the first hand. Either of the two definitions serves to graphically perform the actions of Tigers by Néstor Gorosito in the first against Atlético de Tucumán in the first half of the Super League Cup.

Lucas Menossi was responsible for defining a situation that had eight hands, most of them first class. Everything started in 1

5 minutes with a taco pass from Nicolás Colazo to Federico González after an approval from the "Decano" defense.

The previously independent forward direction continued and had the compassion of Menossi and Diego Morales among others in armed. "Cachete" was the key because he knocked on the door of the area, made a wall, a little fairy and left only the central midfielder, who was placed to define Cristian Luchetti below.

11 seconds after starting the action, the ball inflated the net after a masterful coupling of the team.

Matador's second goal arrived 25 minutes later by Juan Ignacio Cavallaro . Although alluvium of cry was given for six minutes by the complement: Morales (54 & 39;), Colazo (57 & 39;) and Cavallaro (60 & 39;).

It should be noted that next Saturday, from 18.45, Victoria will travel to Tucumán to play the return duel of the Cup semi-finals. The winner of this key will face the final against Boca or Argentinos Juniors.

Tigers can be the main character in a great feature: if the champion comes out, he will be allowed to play Copa Libertadores through the ordinance, but if he loses the hypothetical final he will not be able to play the South American because he would not be in the wake of the closure he wrote in Superliga.

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