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The gobierno of Bolivia interprets the transmission of the results and the OEA exigio to normalization

The Mission of the Electoral Observatory of the OEA is exempted from the Bolivia Tribunal explicitly for the intermission of the transmission of results . It is the same as the first dates, the public information and information about fraud.

The delegation of the OEA is the number of observers of international organizations, congregants, and Bolivia and Algunos países don también voto durante esto jornada.

El Tribunal Supremo Electoral de Bolivia (TSE) of primeros results del contéo rápido unos minutos ante las 20, hora local. With 83.73% of the messages, the current mandate Evo Morales noted 45.28% of the votes; is less than the mandate of Carlos Mesa, or 38.16%. Si estos resultados se mantiens, primera vez en la historia habría balotaje. A second scenario, where voting is contrasted with its four definitions for confirming that it is segregated, as well as the diffusion of it, that it is possible for us to act.

The intervening de Morales, una vez suspendida la diffusión de datos alimentó las sospechas. There is no mandate for admitting the ballot and for the purpose of "Con voto del campo" alcanzará or 50% of voting como and gift to the other elecciones. The MAS bus is high in terraces and with the president of Latin American and owner's security at a maximum rate and at a rate.

The Bolivian opposition to tardó and expresses his pre-occupation with respect only to the actual conductor as well as to the primary and secondary to the apostasy of the rural areas of País.

" El TSE una vez más incumple sus compromisos. They have suspended the information of the transmission of the results electoral preliminary. ¡¡Exigimos que el recuento se reanude !!! Here's what it takes to make it serious. La segunda vuelta todos los datos independientes confirmman, no puede cuestionarse and menos burlarse !!! ”, escribió and su cuenta de Twitter Mesa quien asegura tener datos“ consolidados ”de que está una segunda vuelta.

Iván Arias, activist and oppositor, has manifested the candidacy of the Ciudadana debería community as a defendant of a defendant in the photo who is distorting the result of debit as early as 11 in the case of escrutarse.

Existing Morales and Mesa diferencia del 7.12 puntos porcentuales. No obstacle, however, has been revived by the President of the TSE, María Eugenia Choque, who is failing in the provinces of rural areas, the Morales espera hacerse con más apoyos.

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