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The first details of the new World of Warcraft expansion leaked

Blizzard is celebrating Blizzcon in 2019. A few days after the opening of the event, several leaks have emerged that represent the company's next project that could be announced this weekend as part of the celebration. One of them is related to World of Warcraft and indicates that a new expansion will soon be available.

We know this because the company let its fans look at what's ahead of the MMO through from its official online store, Blizzard Gear Store (via Polygon ). Recently, a picture of Bolvar Fordragón, the new king Lich, began to spread unofficially. But that's not all, there is also a picture that reveals that the name of the next expansion will be Shadowlands and you can even see what the logo will be.

That said, the plot of this expansion is expected to revolve around this character and provide more information about his army. In addition, as at other times, it will present new territories. “Explore the Bastion countries! Find the precious Kyrian! Discover new skills! ", Reads in the filtered image.

Like the filtering of Overwatch it seems like it is a matter of time before it becomes reality, we believe this because, Although there is no official announcement from Blizzard, is the one who has appeared in his shop enough evidence to make it happen, but we recommend that you keep an eye on the company's announcement.

We leave you with the pictures below.

  Bolvar Fordragón
Bolvar Fordragón
  Bastion lands
Bastion lands

What do you think of the new enlargement? Are you interested in the possible protagonist? Tell us in the comments.

We were recently told that the last stage of the current enlargement, The battle for Azeroth was in its final stretch, so it is natural to think of a new period and Blizzcon 2019 is the Ideal scenario to make it known.

We remind Blizzard is preparing for several surprises for Blizzcon 2019 and it is very likely that this is one of them. Another 2 may be related to Diablo and Overwatch . From the first we know that an art book containing information from Diablo 4 leaked; With regard to Overwatch we are expected to hear from a new payment soon.

You can find more news related to Blizzard if you visit this page. Don't forget we will have coverage of Blizzcon 2019.

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