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The demand for divisions "may be duplicated" by PASO, informs Banco Central

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The demand for a private extras "may be duplicated" by the PASO and Agosto and Banco Central intervals with ventures and merchandise for the first time in the Chamber of Commerce and October 2018, Information on High Monetary Authorities.

"Agosto result in a heterogeneous approach to the corporate sector of the Cambodian market", indicative of BCRA and its information on the evolution of the Mercado de Cambios and Balance Cambiario.

Según Entitled, "Almost Fourth, The Venture of Substances of US $ 60 Million by Tesoro National Fund to Compete Networks of the Authorized and Operated and Customers and Customers".

Pero, "The Principal of Elecciones Abiertas, Simultaneas and Obligatorias (PASO), demand that they be private but can be duplicated and Banco Central interviewed in various divisions and mercado spot for the first time in the country of the cambiario and October 2018 ", detailed.

También is more heterogeneous with the deposit of private deposits and additional extras are agosto:" An additional $ 300 million is almost the 9th of August for the US $ 5,900 millones durante el resto del mes ", consignó el BCRA.

" Esta caída se dio tanto per transferencias al exterior (? operations de canje?, totalizaron US $ 3,400 millones en el mes), como per extraciones de efectivo ", exactly.

Según el trabajo, "and the client's agent and the cambio's agent are US $ 2,525 million and the author's agent is authorized and operative and the cambio's agent is US $ 620 million".

"The firm's operations Foundations of ventures net of Tesoro National by US $ 1,076 million and BCRA by US $ 2,069 million "explicitly authorized monetary.

Segun el informe," expresses real sector fueron turnover nets of monthly extras of US $ 477 millon es; in the major sector, the principal sector of networks and terminals, Oleaginosas and cereales, net worth ventures of US $ 2,185 million, registered at 22% with respect to igual mes of 2018 ".

" Las empresas del del Sector Real No Oleaginosas and Cereales realizaron compras netas por US $ 1,708 millones, principale para pagos de importaiones de bienes et servicios y constitución de depositos locales y el exterior ", añadio.

El BCRA determinó que" las Personas humanas, que Basic demand for additional extras on the exterior and via exterior, comparing the forma neta US $ 1,873 million (US $ 1,516 million for tickets and US $ 356 million for rest of operations), but most of them are down 9% in respect of Compared to US $ 2,053 million for the year of 2018 ".

" The amount of tickets available on tickets and travels of the cambios and at a total of 1,300,000, down 16% with respect to July; 97% of these are comprised of men's US $ 10,000 per person, less than 32,000 individuals compared to US $ 10,000 per person ", indico.

En tanto," Los Inversores Institucionales y otros, tanto residentes no residentes, efectuaron compras netas en el mes by US $ 900 millones, resulting in evidence of US $ 720 million with respect to an igual mes del ao previo ".

Además," el Tesoro National realizes the capital and interest of US $ 5,374 million, due to the cancellation of a real-time cancellation with the loan of US $ 3,500 million and the let's of US $ 1,350 million, and to the International Organizations of US $ 155 million ".

Y se registraron "ingresos de deuda per US $ 170 millones, de los cuales US $ 95 millones correspondent and issue de Letes y US $ 75 millones a Organismos Internacionales".

"Como consecuencia de estos movimientos, las reservas internacionales brut as finalizaron agosto and a stock of US $ 54,100 millones ", concluyó el informe.

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