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The bank will ratify a 48-hour strike

In a press release signed by press secretary Eduardo Berrozpe, the banking federation announced that it will talk to the press this morning from 7: 3O, at the trade union headquarters, located in Sarmiento 341 in downtown Buenos Aires. [19659002] Union spokesmen announced that union leaders, led by Sergio Palazzo, will ratify a 48-hour strike for this Tuesday and Wednesday, and will announce marches and demonstrations across the country.

The Chamber of Commerce offered 15 percent in three shares, the first of 7 percent (they already pay), 4 percent in July and another 4 in October, rejected by the bank association.

The banks held a national strike on Friday, April 6th. 24 hours in demand for "fair and worthy wages" and compliance with previously agreed agreements, such as the application of the 201

7 triggering clause.


On the other hand, ANSES decided to advance payments to deposit pensioners, retirees and holders of the universal child and pregnancy allowance that should charge the days that bank workers will perform a 48-hour strike.

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