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The arrested for the attack at the police station planned a new coup to release his boyfriend

The mobile phone not only served Leandro Aranda (22) and his girlfriend Zahira Ludmila Bustamante (19) to keep in touch through the gates to the prison hall where he was locked. WhatsApp chats were also the side where they designed two attempts to release the prisoner who ended up being frustrated by the police.

The 19-year-old would have been a fundamental part of the attack at Police Station 1 in San Justo (La Matanza), requested Monday at 5 am. Investigators believe she was the one who planned the attack through messages she exchanged with Aranda, imprisoned since August for a murder. The attempt of four attackers who clad the police to take the department resulted in a shot where Sergeant Rocio Villarreal was injured.

The officer was critical to fighting the coup to the police station. It was the first to meet the attackers. When replacing a shot, he received a shot in the abdomen that pierced several organs and caused him "severe injury to the spine." This Tuesday, I continued with intensive care at a clinic in Villa Crespo.

  Then, the police station 1 of San Justo was shot between police and criminals.

Then, the police station 1 of San Justo was shot between police and criminals.

After Villarreal, the three companions left with her in the office and as soon as the fake police arrived, they took refuge behind their desks, as seen in video cam's video. [19659002] Currently, the case, investigated by prosecutor Alejandra Núñez, has two prisoners: Zahira Bustamante and Bruno Marullo Postigo (19). Aranda's girlfriend was arrested on Monday evening, in front of the 1st San Justo Police Station, when returned to the scene of a new flight attempt . It was camouflaged among relatives to other prisoners. They also kidnapped their cell phone, where they found conversations with details about the attack.

  Rocío Villarreal, agent of Buenos Aires, shot this morning in a fight with criminals at the 1st San Justo police station.

Rocío Villarreal, agent of the Bonaire team.

After that, the police seized the cell and found four phones. One of them would have been smuggled by Aranda to plan the robbery.

A postigo was recognized thanks to security cameras. At the attack he was seen in a Volkswagen Vento who supported the band. He was arrested on Monday as he prowling around Tomás Villegas and Monseñor Marcón, about half a year from the police station . In his power he had a gray Volkswagen Fox's paper similar to that used in the attempt to capture the branch.

  After the shooting attack, they ordered the transfer of some of the prisoners. (MARIO QUINTEROS)

After the shooting attack they ordered the transfer of some prisoners. (MARIO QUINTEROS)

In the WhatsApp chat, Bustamante and Aranda mentioned a certain "Seba" as the one who would intervene to free him. It was also the nickname of one of the refugees who fled after shooting. Currently, Sebastian and at least two other accomplices refugees .

From these calls there is also a supposed second rescue test. They would have liked to do it during the transfer of prisoners to other units, ordered after the shot . It would explain the presence of Bustamante at the branch's door and Postigo circles nearby.

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Police police at the police station are stable and with a compromised backbone

The story has a spice more. And that's Narco plot for which Aranda ended up in prison. They accuse him of being one of the two killers of Nicolás Ojeda. Both were from Villa Cildañez, in Parque Avellaneda, and they would have stolen 70 kilo cocaine from another drug dealer in the federal capital.

"Ojeda lived in Cildañez and left with drugs or marketing money from Aranda. He knew they were looking for him, then he left the village and moved to La Matanza. The crime day he parked his car two blocks from the house there He lived and riddled him ", said a source in the case of Clarín .

Aranda has "several tickets to the police station for coverage, autotyft, theft and drug possession," confirmed police sources to Clarín . The majority of the accused arrears are from when he was a minor and within the federal capital.

It was the murder of Ojeda who left him behind bars. The event would have occurred at the beginning of last year, in Isidro Casanova. Aranda was arrested only in August

He ended up in the 1st San Justo police station due to lack of space in the Buenos Aires prison system. In the section with the capacity of 18 detainees there were 46 detainees.

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Mary Eugenia Vidal visited the Sergeant shot and announced that she would be promoted

To frustrate the rescue of prisoners, Governor María Eugenia Vidal announced the "promotion to the next higher grade" by Villarreal and the other three police officers which intervened. As for Rocío, who has a three-year-old daughter, she would go from sergeant to other lieutenant.

"Rocío speaks, know everything, remember what happened and medicated by the wounds of the wound," said the head of the province of Buenos Aires, Fabián Perroni. In addition, he raised the agent "quick action" and "be alert" prevented them from "taking the police station for assault and releasing the 46 prisoners".

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Verónica Magario participated in a mass of police shot in San Justo and was insulted by neighbors

This tuesday night there were plenty of Villarreal's health in the San Justo cathedral, which included the mayor of La Matanza, Veronica Magario. A group of neighbors awaited her at the door to demand more security. It is one of GBA's hottest areas: The coup attempt took place two weeks after the united Leandro Alcaraz (26), in Viceroy del Pino, a case that shocked the whole country.

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