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The accused of killing the nurse in St. Nicholas only remembers being drunk

Miguel Ángel Nievas, the mason arrested for the nurse's femicide Daiana Almeida in San Nicolás, was investigated for "unlawful deprivation of liberty, murder caused by crime, aggravated homicide due to sexual abuse and sex. death "but said he does not remember anything.

The accused for killing the nurse said he was intoxicated. According to the agency Télam Nievas stated in his statement that "remember last Wednesday, he left work on a construction site in the afternoon, went to his sister's house and drank alcoholic drinks until got drunk. "

The mason did not answer questions from Prosecutor Ariel Tempo. The truth is, according to the investigation, the man was working in front of San Felipe Hospital, where the victim left early on Thursday morning. He followed her and intercepted her when she was missing a few meters to get to her house and took her to a field where, who could not rape her, killed her.

The same Thursday evening they found the body of Almeida, with a naked torso and near his red Zanella motorcycle. Also in place was the woman's wallet, with all the money. "It was a sexual attack he could not complete because the victim came to defend himself. At the autopsy defensive injuries were discovered, for example, cutting his arms and hairs on his hands," the prosecutor said.

  The call in the network for a march for justice. (Photo: Facebook / Silvia Gareca)
The network's call for a march for justice. (Photo: Facebook / Silvia Gareca).

After the arrest, it was learned that Nievas has a history of murder and sexual abuse and must be imprisoned until 2021. however received wills 2018 This time it was his own wife who gave him away. She called 911 on Friday morning and said her husband had come home drunk and had admitted that he had killed a woman.

"Since you cannot take a testimony from a suspicious wife, for cannot explain to him, I activated that conversation by initiating an investigation on that track with an emergency search in the home, which gave positive results, "Tempo explained.

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