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Strong rise of the blue dollar will the "mash" come back?

While the Central Bank continues to intervene in the foreign exchange market through the sale of reserves to include an increase in the price of wholesale dollars, the demand for green notes against the informal market, is better known as the blue dollar, where the price of the currency suddenly increased from $ 63.50 on Wednesday to reach $ 66.25 by the end of Friday.

Although the gap between the various US currency listings with regard to the official market is from the beginning of the application of currency controls by the government, through the dollar and cash settlement (CCL), this had not yet affected the parallel market.

The overheating of the "blue" dollar can be explained by several factors: on the one hand the parallel market is chosen by those who generate income informally because they cannot legally justify the purchase of currency in the official market . In addition, we must take into account the demand of people who do not work with sufficient volume to gain access to the dollar exchange or CCL. To these causes must be added the tightening of the currency control against the dollar exchange mechanisms through the stock exchange.

Thus, and just one week after the general election, the informal dollar price operates at a gap of 1

4% compared to the official price of the wholesale market. As expected, this bulky difference opens the doors to a "deal" that had been closed in late 2015 with the repeal of the "stock" stock exchange that ruled under the latest Kirchner government: "mash".

Mosen returned

What does this operation consist of? It is about buying dollars for each private bank at its official price and then selling the green bill in parallel . Given the purchase threshold of $ 10,000 per month in the official market, it is possible to generate more than $ 50,000 per month, as a result of the difference between the sales value of the official dollar and the purchase value in the informal market, with this simple operation with low risk

Of course, there is a pretty obvious risk: legal. As we see, it is about operating in an unregistered market and it can easily be intervened by the national government where the operators can have consequences.

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