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Sol Pérez told us what his worst date was: “He was an actor. We started chatting … "

The weather girl made a shocking revelation. Find out

Sol Pérez is one of the most wanted women in the country. Her beauty, her charisma and her frontality made her one of the most important characters on the small screen. For this reason, he has an excellent career today, working in several show cycles and if that was not enough, he already participated in the most seasoned works of the summer season in Mar de Plata.

In fact, last summer Sol was part of the role of Again Together: A Love of Magazines (the work that led Federico, Santiago Bal and Carmen Barbieri). At that time, it was when the model had the worst date of his life. This was revealed on the floor of PH We Can Talk. "I had a bad time on several dates, I think this is the worst," he explained.

"I did a season in Mar del Plata, it was now, very recently with a person from the artistic medium. He was an actor, ”detailed exchica of the Climate . “We started chatting, a young boy, very young. Well, the whole date told him about it. Oh, but it was huge, I've never had such a bad time! I said, "what do I do", I don't feel like drinking beer, he talked about it all the time, he continued.

"I manufactured mobiles for those involved", is added Solci . Then Chechu Bonelli, also invited to the Telefe bike, asked if the name of the madman began with V. "No, I don't think," the girl fit girl replied between nervous laughter. "Now I see the child and I like him, I greet him, but not for a date, never again in life," he said later, trying to be conciliatory.

"He kept sending me messages, but nothing. Yes, he was in this program. The same, I missed it very well because the appointment ended, everything and hey. My friends told me "but it's really good!" It was fantastic for a quickie and I left and nothing else, but it didn't happen, ” concluded the tip. Chechu again insisted to find out who it was. "Did you work on a strip of teenagers?", He asked Pérez who uncomfortably answered a simple "I don't know." Did Bonelli refer to Victorio D'Alessandro? Will that be it?

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