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Sol Pérez revealed why he differed from Lautaro Martínez and told trust in the relationship – 06/25/2019

The journalists who spoke in the media in 2017 and 2018 on a secret romance between Sol Pérez (24) and Lautaro Martínez (21) They were wrong or lied about it.

It is, despite the fact that the striker has happily collaborated with a Mendoza model for 10 months, for Agustina Gandolfo (23), in the last hours "weather maid" he admitted he had lived a love story with him.

In detail, the panelist, host and star also confirmed having had a relationship with the Argentine national team ahead 19659006] And he did it in Polemic at the bar (America, at 20) , where several of his companions revealed many secrets of the affair .

Everything began when Mariano Iúdica (49) presented her as " the former scorer " and she opposed him. Is it, Sun said, "is for more" and that he likes more intellectual men.

  Sol Pérez. (Instagram)

Sol Pérez. (Instagram)

Then, Pablo Duggan (47) made a sharp comment indicating that she and the athlete had ended badly. " It did not end badly ", clarified the well-functioning model.

He added: "It ended normally." We had different goals I wanted to stay here "." Ah, he offered to travel to Italy? ", Iidical asked, clearly referring to Martinez's sports career, which is in Inter Milan.

" No, We fought before I had worked in Córdoba, I was very much there and The relationship did not work I like to work a lot here and I do not need to hang ", Pérez threw spicy.

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In that moment, the journalist Gastón Recondo (46) interrupted her:" But you can fall in love with is not hanging on anyone . You fall in love with someone and decide to live together for a person) and to dream. "

" But I was not in love! ", admitted Sol and with kind regards, added:" Of course it would be easier for me to go live for another person and the truth is that I preferred to stay here labours 24 hours but all I have earned I works "

  Lautaro Martinez and his girlfriend, Agustina Gandolfo. (Instagram)

Lautaro Martínez and his girlfriend, Agustina Gandolfo. (Instagram)

" He wanted the goddess and turned her into a housewife that many football players do " Duggan insured in front of the camera's program.

Meanwhile, after the controversial version Chiche Gelblung (75) showed a photo of Lautaro's girlfriend, by Agustina, and Ludicus stated: " Ah … is equal to sun! . "

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" No, nothing to do … But she's very cute girl, I have no problem, says the American panel, who plays that comparison.

] And about his hostility with the player, he added: " We struggled a lot a lot, and we were many hours away. I bet on my job that's what I want to live "


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