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Smash Bros: They find that Banjo-Kazooie is referring to JoJo


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has received continuous content since its release. This through free updates but also paid DLC. In the latter case, this week Terry Bogard and Banjo and Kazooie were added to this title, which filled many fans with joy

As part of this shared images about the characters' alternate colors. And it was in such a way that someone noticed something curious.

Is it a reference to JoJo's in Smash Bros.? [1
9659006[WhatHappens Banjo and Kazooie have yellow, purple and black color schemes that seem to be reminiscent of two famous characters from JoJo & # 39; s Bizarre Adventure .

In this case, the part of the story corresponding to Stardust Crusaders and they are nothing less than Jotaro Kujo and Dio Brando . These colors are similar to this pair accompanied by their own Stands Star Platinum and World .

Terry Bogard from The King of Fighters arrives at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If you look at the screenshots, if you notice a parallel. Especially if we consider that Kazooie may very well take the place of a Stand for Banjo .

It should be noted that jokes about this relationship in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had already been given earlier. They will simply compare to the discovery. On more than one occasion, they have become fan art by Banjo as if it were Jotaro .

It seems clear that we are facing a hidden tribute

Especially wearing your characteristic hat. Now it is obvious that these types of references have a reason to be and will be the closest that many will have in relation to any anime in the game.

For a long time, there is a fan base asking that Goku join Super Smash Bros. But Masahiro Sakurai has lent a deaf ear: whoever comes to the series must first make a debut in a video game. It's so simple.

There are some who are ignorant claim that this does not apply Pokémon and every time we read it we laugh. The closest Dragon Ball to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Heroes from Dragon Quest .

And that because its design is of the great Akira Toriyama . So both this and these references to JoJos are the closest we come to the series games.

Part of the art at the beginning of this note is from the Taiwanese artist @racoonwolf .

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