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Santa Fe: sister of a federal judge was found dead in a ditch

The judge's sister was 59 years

Sister of the federal judge in Santa Fe city
Reconquest ,
Aldo Alurralde was found dead today after missing more than 24 hours. At the same time, his 66-year-old partner was delayed due to alleged inconsistencies in his statements, legal sources said today.

Ana María Alurralde, of 59, had last seen yesterday morning at home from the city
Santa Fe and in the afternoon, his partner, whose identity did not match, filed a complaint of residence in the Sixth Commissioner in the capital of this province.

According to information from the Prosecutor's Office (MPA), "Prosecutor Barbara Ilera, from the Special Tax Authority for Gender, Family and Sexual Violence, ordered routine procedures for these cases."

But with time gone by and "after various parts that came out of the investigation" the case was referred to a prosecutor for murder, the sources added.

At night, the 66-year-old man was delayed on orders by prosecutor Ana Laura Gioria, who would have noticed "inconsistencies" in the statement from the couple Alurralde, according to the Télam agency.

According to other sources, the woman left a note yesterday morning informing her husband of her duties, among them, which she would show the residence that his deceased mother was inhabiting, which he had for sale.

The woman got out of her car, a red VW Gol, but did not return home to her or be seen by her relatives.

The threat from drug dealers to his brothers

Ana María is the sister of Federal Reconquista Judge Aldo Alurralde, who recently received threats allegedly linked to her performance against drug groups operating in the northern province of Santa Fe.

On August 7 Finally, the judge found a dead and broken sparrow on the mousetrap in his office in the federal court, which he considered "a mafia message."

While not ruling out any hypothesis about the disappearance of a woman, MPA investigators had until today evidence that it is related to his brother's legal act.

The woman's body was found in a ditch on General Paz and Las Mandarinas, outside the city of Monte Vera, about 15 kilometers from the city of Santa Fe, police sources say


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