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Salud recommends that mild patients be isolated in community centers

The provincial portfolio urges people with a positive diagnosis to approach the official space to complete the isolation for ten days until they receive a clinical discharge. It also asks the population to go to the nearest health centers and hospitals, or call telephone consultations at 0-800-444-0829 in case of symptoms that are compatible with colds or flu.

To ensure the isolation conditions of those patients with a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 who are unable to perform it at home, The Chaco Ministry of Public Health reminds that they have a space for this purpose at the Hotel Gala. The center currently contains 37 patients with mild symptoms and today they are cynically discharging three people who returned home.

It is a place that is conditioned enough to be able to monitor infected people and provide the necessary medical and food aid during the ten days of confinement required until committee from the clinic.

Isolation in official centers is one of the strategies referred to in the national DetectAR plan by which they try to identify people with symptoms of COVID-1

9, perform swabs and if they are positive, isolation is performed for both patients as his close contacts.

Three sanitary insulation options

There are currently three sanitary containment options in the province: community isolation for mild patients, which takes place in clubs, hotels and institutions, intended for people who do not have the conditions to protect their relatives and cohabitants from possible infections; he hospital isolation for all at higher risk (over 60 years or with underlying diseases) that require intensive follow-up; and home insulation for people who have individual rooms in their homes and do not expose those who live with them in the risk zone.

Consultation number when symptoms appear

Chaco Ministry of Public Health requests that when symptoms that are compatible with COVID-19, flu or cold (dry cough, sore throat, fever, headache, loss of taste and smell, difficulty breathing) occur immediately Contact your nearest health care provider, hospital or health center.

Attention lines are also available via 0-800-444-0829 and or to Whastapp 011-16273000 where they must send word @CHACO SALUD. People with symptoms can also go to Perrando Hospital Fever Clinic.


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