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Rover chino hello extra sustenance and la cara occulta | Crónica

The rover Yutu-2, which is located in the extreme and can be located on the Luna and the same as the one, is in control of a mystery sustained by the patient, per annum of its public or descendant. The rover, which is part of the mission of Lunar Chang'e 4 of China, descends into sustainability and is just a counterpart to the entrance and the state of hibernation last October. Space Information Segment, a member of the Equipo, which mirrors the Principal of the Rover with its pequeño crater, which delivers content material with a different color and superficie lunar circular. Habiendo viso las imágenes, los científicos lunares decidieron posposer los planes para enviar el Yutu-2 must al yeste y en sugare orderaron que revisara el extraño material. The rover, which is a la Luna with the Lunar Chang'e-4, is a cucumber and allover crate and auxiliary material of the colores extraños.

This is the case with the exception of the descriprimiento, which is a little faster. however, it is similar to "gel with an inusual color" . Una posible theory sugars for investigators who are not participating in missions, but with sustained funds, as well as part of the meteoritics of golf superficie of satellite.

La agencia espacial china explicó que missión actual serviría para "Levantar el misterioso velo" by the La Luna faith, which is now the same as Tierra, as well as other new and exploratory lunar human beings. Comes with the nature of solar thermal energy, which is just as good as no lunar, durable or high no solar.

The temperature and non-lunar temperature are about 1

80 degrees Celsius and can be elevated, or even component parts, including the color of color for the model of the vehicle and the vehicle explorer, los frantos frescos. The results of the experiment of the mission are based on a new understanding of the descriptions of the colonies of colonists who are living in the natural satellite state. Pero, como ya publica opportunamente M.E.P., it is a version of official.

La otra “verdad” is China's ten como objetivo and evidencias de vida extraterrestre en la Luna. They are based on the Luna Nunca's car culture and have explored the antes and queues without seeing the telescopes normal, as they are, with a more general typology of habitation, permanently occult, and their detection on this new planet. . However, to date, the legend of Chang'e-4 has generated polemics.

A principle of an image demonstrating the mission of engaging the National Administration of the Espacio of China's directive on regimes Chino. The instantaneous and most common line of extra lines of interest is the rover's salary, which is the most common colloquial line for error and inconvenience. Oh, and otras palabras, which they have prepared to do and an artificial scenario. Pero eso es otra historia, ya que administración china desmintió toda version.

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