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"Qué mamarracho" Ángel de Brito liquidated Leticia Brédice and her boyfriend!

The journalist cannot stand the scandal of the last few hours.

Leticia Brédice's Instagram account was interrupted by a series of messages the actress wrote through her stories over the past few hours. In them, I made a strong discharge in which he accused his partner, Federico Parrilla of being violent and other messages showing that the actress was upset about the situation, causing concern for the followers of the same.

In one of her publications, the actress wrote by casting Federico: "You offend me. You always tell me the worst. That way you don't talk to me anymore. It's not elegant. It does not get on your head. You scream at me all that is not understood. You tired me, bad milk. "Then he demanded respect and even" Machista, you attack without stopping. You're old. You have street, whores, night. Respect, asshole with chupins. ”

In addition, Leticia accused him of always claiming him to get him a job because her boyfriend is devoted to makeup and characterization. Many of the masks the comedians used in the program were from the creation. “Be human, you don't understand me. Respects. You ask me to find you a job. Lord, understand, respect. Machista, you attack without stopping. You're old. The Devil You have street, whores and night. Respect. Asshole with pacifier. ”

But hours later, regrets came from the actress. “@Parrifx I apologize for creating news just because I was angry. You are a person loved by me and me. This was not the medium, "he added in a second story, adding to the confusion. Because it was not clear whether the episode of violence and referred to the complaint would be made by the police and not in the networks.

Ángel de Brito was upset at reading this follow-up of messages and was categorical on Twitter. So he decided to describe the fight with the phrase "What a blowjob!" He had told himself that the actress and her boyfriend maintained a complicated bond that created constant arrivals. For this reason, he was not surprised to report on this new episode of anger and fighting.

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