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Por septima vez en el año, subieron los cigarrillos | Diario de Cuyo

In part of este lunes, we see new developments in poco más caro. La Tabacalera Massalin Particulars announces a suba and los precios cigar cigarettes, which is around 9%. It is an excellent document and it is from an and anterior habita side and on the first of this October.

With the application of the new list of precision, the Marlboro Box of 20 cigarettes for $ 1

16 a $ 130; los Marlboro KS the 20, the $ 105 and the $ 115; y los Marlboro Box of 10, $ 59 and $ 65. And in the case of the L&M brand, it is priced between $ 80 and $ 85 for the KS presentation. Miintas que los cigarrillos Philip Morris passes $ 105 to $ 115 for a version box of $ 96 to $ 105 for version KS

Otras marco como Benson & Hedges and Virginia Slims have a $ 145 and a 20 box cigar version. The precio is anterior to $ 130.

The sector tabacal, segment descriptions of companies, companies and Argentina in all precision fiscal, about 80% of the precio of the product and consumer. Segun la Resolucion N ° 110/1991 by the Ministry of Economy of news and their canals of ten years prohibited modification of the precedent of public cigarettes in publications by tabacaleras.

Duration of the month of November and December, by consumers deberán enfrentar una series de aumentos en productos y servicios. We have used sub-stations and combustibles (preceded by price and part of the 14th of November), as well as prepaid gas (4% and new and 12% and more), plans of the cellular (sub-11% and 22%) segun la compañía) y alimentos (the cadets of the supermarket's habeas and promotions and no precedents for their presidential elections).

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