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Pokémon Masters revenue exceeded $ 25 million in one week

  Pokemon Masters

Pokémon Masters is a success. Not only did it reach a pretty impressive number of downloads within a few days, but now the mobile title has become the second most successful installment on the iOS and Android series earning approximately $ 26 million in revenue in a week.

According to Sensor Tower, however, Pokémon Masters stands behind behind Pokémon GO in terms of revenue for the first week, has performed much better than other mobile releases in the series. Masters generated about half of the gross $ 56 million in GO in seven days, spent by users in only Five markets: Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and New Zealand. Masters was launched in comparison in more than 60 countries.

Masters lies ahead of Pokémon Quest, Pokémon: Magikarp Jump and Pokémon Rumble Rush which saw players spend $ 3 million, $ 1 million respectively $ 300,000 in its first few weeks.

Players in Japan contributed most of the game's week revenue for the game with about $ 16 million, or about 62% of the total. Nearly $ 4.5 million, or about 17% of all spending, comes from the United States. Hong Kong, Taiwan and France represented the rest of the title's five main markets during the first week. Most of the money raised so far has been thanks to iOS devices with 72%, while Google Play represents the remaining 28%.

Via: Sensor Tower

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