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Paula Chaves shared the chat she had with Pedro Alfonso after Filipa’s birth

Paula Chaves She never ceases to amaze everyone with her confessions about her recent motherhood. Remember that on Saturday, July 4, the host of “Bake Off” gave birth to Filipa, his third daughter. After the model’s enormous happiness, she took the note by leaving her followers speechless when she admitted what her husband’s reaction was, it’s nothing more than Pedro Alfonso.

Through his stories on the photographic network, the main character wanted to share a moment of his integrity by revealing the family chat after the birth of Olivia and Baltazar’s sister, who weighed about 4,600 kilometers and measured 54 centimeters. In the virtual world, the tip reflected the internal organization with its partner. “Are you going to stay? I want water, cake, ice cream and creams, please“He wrote on WhatsApp and it was for more.

Paula and Pedro talk

Reach me, if you can, to the stairs because Fili sounds like she’s going to get up“Added Paula Chave and Pedro Alfonso’s response was not long in coming:”Can you last for seven minutes and I upload everything?“The producer and former participant in Dancing for a Dream told him. Given the predisposition of propensity, she melted away and replied, ‘Of course my love, I’m waiting for you what you want,” said Delfina Chave’s sister.

Within weeks of the girl’s welcome, Pau wanted to show Alfonso’s attention in a post on Instagram by adding a few phrases about the chat. “Two things I like. One, to use the pregnant place in the parking lots from the same day I do the pregnancy test. Two, it’s my level of love and service when I ask him for things, ”reflected the phone’s presenter as he reflected on the benefits of motherhood.

Remember that it used to be Pedro who talked about the organization they carry out to maintain a good coexistence. “We are happy. Fili is well-groomed, we sleep enough. Bah … I do not know. I sleep, Pau I do not know. But I take care of all the children’s day for we are as separated. I’m more with Oli and Balta and Pau with the child, but we still help each other a lot and we are very happy, “he confessed to Tomás Dente.

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