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Other Presidential Debates: Celebrities Expressed on the Network – 20/10/2019

Like last week, many celebrities followed the 2019 debate on presidential candidates who commented minute by minute on social networks.

Luciana Salazar who has been surprised recently with her strong political attitude, was one of the most expressed on Twitter. "Alberto Fernández continues in the tonic of the past debate, comfortable, exactly. So far the clearest by far", said the participant in Dancing 2019 .

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Luli, in most of his tweets, was for the candidate of the Front of All: "Although the format avoids confrontation, Alberto always manages to reach Macri in every intervention."

  Luciana Salazar gave her Opinion on Twitter on the 2019 Debate

Luciana Salazar commented on Twitter on the 2019 Debate

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<img class = "img-responsive" alt = "The best members of the second presidential debate" src = "https://images.clarin.com/collections/static/lazy_square.svg" data-big = "https://images.clarin.com/2019/10/20/los-memes-volvó-a- Item ___ vD5FyB1r_290x290__1.jpg "data-small =" https://images.clarin.com/2019/10/20/los-memes-volvó-a-estar___vD5FyB1r_290x290__1.jpg Chapter1 9659010] For his part, joked Gonzalo Heredia with some opinions from the candidates. "The problem with Lavagna is that it requires a lot of air to talk," he launched first, then celebrated when Nicolás del Caño compared Miguel Ángel Pichetto with a character from Diego Capusotto: "Micky Vainilla !!! ! I love you Del Caño ".

  Gonzalo Heredia's Twitter Messages for the 2019 Debate

Gonzalo Heredia's Twitter Messages for the 2019 Debate

And the Actor in Argentina, the Land of Love and Revenge (The Thirteen) followed humor: "If you say three times Espert with his eyes closed in front of a mirror, Aldo rico seems".

Esmeralda Miter released a strong version: "They say very close language that @alferdez would meet @mauriciomacri outside the hot debate! During the cut !!!! Are you nervous? Alberto ???? Always the same patoteo k! ".

Roberto Pettinato emphasized a phrase by Macri to criticize him: "What I just heard !!!!!!!! We had the lowest poverty but the Justito April crisis fell everything! !! ?????? And falopero am I and idiot am I? The truth has cause: I am a poor idiot falopero and Bal al bla (sic) ".

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