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new pictures show the gendarmerie "in fraganti"

Caso Maldonado: New Evidence Against the Gendarmery – YouTube

A video and several images incorporated in the case of the missing disappearance (followed by death) by Santiago Maldonado, shows the will to trick out and brutally punish the Mapuche demonstrators of it national gendarmerie on August 1st last year.

The video scene takes place in a Unimog truck of the federal repressive force and was recorded by one of its passengers minutes before entering the court order and shot at the mapuche property of Pu Lof in Cusham's opposition. The pictures correspond to the later events, where the uniformed do what they suggested.

"Here you must come in and burn all the houses to them," says one of the gangsters traveling in the Unimog Route 40. "You have to kick everything," answers another. "It is our mission," intervenes a third agent. At the same time, the picture shows another group of gendarmes like jogging a few meters, followed by the road of the mobile. In the background, a few hundred yards away, another Unimog appears at the edge of the road, just on the curve. The video is cut with the image of a gendarme in the foreground that is caught in a turn of the person who enters the truck's box.

The mission to kick and burn all that they found inside Pu Lof seemed to be assumed that they did not hesitate to register the requisition and campfire after the little group of young Mapuches were driven inside the camp. While some pictures show the fire that consumes some tools and furniture in society, there is in others a truck loaded with blankets, bags and other belongings in the Mapuche families.

Esa Ford Ranger patent OLW 237 It would be movies hours later leaving Pu Lof rather less loaded. It remains to be seen if he made several trips or if the items registered in these pictures were burned on the premises during the afternoon. The truth is, these items were never returned to the oppressed families.

At the exact times when some gendarmes fed the fire with clothes, paper and other fuels from Mapuches, Santiago Maldonado began to disappear. A state that would remain for 78 days, until October 17, which were lifeless meters away, floats on the Chubut River.

The gendarmerie did not report until the backpack in Santiago was burned in the criminal fire or taken in the white and green truck so nobody knew where. The truth is until today was not found, although it was the young craftsman from Buenos Aires. And it's hard to believe that this membership has ceased at sea after traveling hundreds of kilometers.

In a note published on Page | 12 along with the same pictures and this video, journalist Adriana Meyer informed that "in the recent reports of the file investigated by federal judge Gustavo Lleral, the gendarmerie de facto changes the cover to the case because it answers the offices titled" NN / Criminal Investigation "When The Case Is Still Classed For Capture"

"They make a one-sided change of cover with absolute impunity," Veronica Heredia Family Attorney Maldonado confirmed Meyer.

In this context, these new audiovisual tests have become more important since it appears that Gendarmerie not only entered Pu Lof firmly and shots but then spent several hours occupying the property to complete a real robbery on the families living in the country . They could not get a court decision, but what they lacked was a "mission".

Later, the official account would come, especially in the coins of the Secretary of State for Security, Pablo Noceti, who appeals to a supposed "flagrancia" to justify the violent and racist acts of his subordinates.

What is still unresolved in the investigation of Judge Lleral is if at that time Santiago was already dead in the river (which would mean that the gendarms left him to their fate or forced to drown) or if he died later and during which circumstances.

It is clear that the gendarmerie still has to answer many questions.

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