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Netflix Announces Ingredients for $ 5 Million Millions and Accounts with Treparon 10%

And to report the most important lessons el grupo se mostró confiado ante la inminent avalancha de nuevos competidores and su mercado. Tan solo el mes que viene Disney y Apple abrirán s plataformas de series y películas en linea.

Netflix's limitó a decorta plazo avecinan "modestos vientos en contra ".

" Largo plazo pensamos a vamos a greciendo gracias a la fuerza de nuestro servicio nas oportunidades que ofrece este inmenso mercado ", dijo el grupo and un comunicado. [19659002 report on the net of the $ s665 million and on the quarterly and September dates, on the basis of the $ s403 million reporting and the mismatch in the period of superannuation of the analyst previews. [1

9659002] The embargo, which is written and signed by the registrars of the market and consensus of mercado, is a company of California and is $ 5,250 million and an aggregate of 6.8 million per annum for a total of 158 , 3 millones and todo e

The analyst of eMarketer Eric Haggstrom discusses the problems of the mercado of streaming television, which is not the object of the scriptwriters.

"The last trimester is now just completed for Netflix, which is Disney + and Apple TV + competitor no solo for subscribers, but also for exit programs, "Haggstrom said.

Most of them have a very high degree of deception and their new competence is presented in a negative way for Netflix and 2020 y más alá ".

Netflix debuted in the production of the series and series of original ante competitors of the Amazon Prime Video and the solid base of subscribers to the platform of commerce and lineage.


 Apple quests and the center of polemics for the escapement of grabs with the assistant vocals.

Apple quests the center of the polemic for the escapement of the vocal assistants.


Apple TV + is a new one of the new tendencies of a limited number of original content. Empero la marca de la manzanita cuenta with experience and services for subscribers, from a base of consumers (900 millones of the usuarios of iPhone and el mundo) and an aggressive marketing program: at a cost of 5 men's monthly; with the Netflix subscriber base and Estados Unidos.


The Lady, Disney + ofrepresentation of the impressive catechist of the Peliculas and series including the ex-comics of Star Wars and toda in the Los Simpson series. Disney + is available in Estados Unidos on 12 November and 7 dollars per month.

This is how you prevail in the HBO Max Platform format of WarnerMedia and Peacock of NBCUniversal.

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