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NASA discovered a strange and gigantic planet that should not exist

TESS telescope NASA did one of the most impressive discoveries of recent years: he visualized TOI 849b, a rocky planet with dimensions similar to those of Neptuno. Something that, according to astronomers, is practically impossible.

Located next to 730 light years from Earth, not far on the scale of our galaxy, is 40 times larger that our planet and also is very close to the star of its system, so that it can complete its translation in less than a day.

Why shouldn’t it exist?

TOI 849b breaks with everything fixed in the form of massive planets and super country. Actually, It is the largest rocky planet ever observed so far and due to its huge volume it should be one giant gas plane similar a Jupiterbut strangely enough it has no atmosphere. Therefore, it is difficult for scientists to understand how such a planet may have arisen.


7;s very difficult for a planet as massive and dense as TOI 849b and not a gas giant, “explains David Armstrong, an exoplanet scientist at the University of Warwick and lead author of a study that revealed new planet in the journal Nature. And he adds, “Something must have failed in the training process.”

TOI-849b.  University of Warwick

TOI-849b. University of Warwick

How is TOI-849b

This planet was discovered with the TESS Space Telescope NASA, which studies 200,000 of the brightest stars nearby.

Right then, TOI 849b He was seen passing his host star. These volatile transits revealed that the anomalous planet orbits its star every 18 hours, which means that its surface temperature is 1500 ° C and that the illuminated portion is almost completely melted.

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Later studies with the telescope from NASA revealed that the planet is 3.4 times wider than the earth, really an unusual size given the proximity it maintains with its star.

So far, astronomers have observed hot Jupiter’s or much smaller super-terraces in orbits of similar dimensions, and nothing has been discovered in what’s called “Neptunian Desert”, states the National Geographic website.

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While TOI 849b it is almost as wide as Neptuno, has twice the mass, indicating that it is extreme DENSO. In addition, it may have a thin layer of atmosphere, probably consisting of hydrogen and helium, but it would not at all be the gas needed for a planet of that size.

“We think it has a mixture of metals, silicates, water and a very light atmosphere layer,” says Ravit Helled from the University of Zurich, one of the study’s co-authors.

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Astronomers believe it may have reached the enormous size due to collision with other planets during its evolution, which greatly increased its mass.

However, they do not rule out that it is not actually one planet, however a star made up of gas which lost the atmosphere because of its star energy.

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