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Murder of colectivero: they confirm that there are two arrested of the crime

Alcaraz, 26, married and had a 4-year-old daughter Credit: Twitter

Leandro's criminal investigator Miguel Alcaraz,
Colectivero was murdered on Sunday by two criminals in the city of Viceroy del Pino in Buenos Aires, yesterday they searched for witnesses of crime that contributed data to deepen the investigation.

This morning, the lawyer of La Matanza, Patricia Ochoa said that there are already two prisoners in the case, one in 18 and another of 17. Both suspects will be in testimony during the day, Ochoa said in an interview on Radio La Red.

During the early hours of the night, they arrested the arrests until three o'clock in the morning.

Through the projectile extracted in the autopsy of the Alcaraz body, it was possible to determine that the massacre is of caliber 38.


Yesterday afternoon, prosecutor José Luis Maroto and prosecutor Rubén Ochipinti received statements from certain persons who were in the group where the crime occurred. However, most had observed the discussion between Alcaraz and the aggressors about the payment of the trip with SUBE but not the murder of the murder. "We continue to ask for witnesses about the moment of the incident," says Ochoa.

Because of the uncertainty and the crime in the area, "people are very afraid" to testify. In this regard, Ochoa assured that they would "give him all the protection they need" and that he can testify as a "reserved identity" witness.

Investigators try to find the woman who, in order to resolve the discussion between aggressors and the driver, I would have paid for the trip with your SUBE card. The prosecution already received information from the reading machine on the collective cards. Today we have a list of passengers in public transport 620.

During the morning newspaper there will be more requests for the case.

Collectors require security in their work

"We want an urgent meeting to give us a solution to prevent abuse," said a delegate Source: LA NACION – Credit: Emiliano Lasalvia

The remains of Leandro Miguel Alcaraz last night were in a barn from the town of González Catán, in the La Matanza Party, where the main manifestations of the victims and neighbors were concentrated.

His relatives claimed that they were "destroyed" by the fact.
Alcaraz, 26, was married and had a 4 year old daughter.

As a result of the crime, bus stops in 26 lines in the western zone of the suburbs, courts and marches were ongoing throughout the day, protesting against justice and a meeting of the Buenosaire governor where it was decided to facilitate the placement of cameras in each of the 9000 units passing the province's territory.

  Colectiveros sent the General Paz to demand security after murder of a driver in La Matanza, traffic jam in the area
Colectiveros sent the General Paz to demand security after the murder of a driver in La Matanza, traffic jam in the area Source: LA NACION – Credit: Emiliano Lasalvia [19659015] For eight hours, the crossing of the general Paz and Alberdi roads, at the border between the Buenos Aires district of Mataderos and La Matanza, was in demand for justice and security.

Governor of Buenos Aires,

Mary Eugenia Vidal,
met in La Plata with Leader of Tranviarios Automotive Union (UTA) and Security Secretary Cristian Ritondo to implement implementation of Law 14,897 approved in December 2016 and stipulates that each group must have cameras to monitor and control.

After the meeting, Minister Ritondo announced that from Monday and within 180 days cameras will be placed in each group and after that the use of anti-panic buttons will be implemented. 19659025] topics in this post

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