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Monzó plans to leave his office without waiting for his maturity to expire

In their environment, they say he should go to Spain in the middle of next year; The message of his departure created a cimbronazo within his internal sector, where they feared to be marginalized. Source: LA NACION – Credit: Emiliano Lasalvia

Thursday 26, 11.32 in the morning. Emilio Monzó enters Casa Rosada with a quick step and looks at his mobile phone. After relocating the journalists waiting for him, he climbs the stairs to the first floor, where he will attend the dinner of Chilean president Sebastián Piñera.

The image of loneliness as Thursday morning complements the end of the "tsunami" who lived the president of the deputies, having known his conversation with President Mauricio Macri and the head of the Cabinet Marcos Peña, where he announced he will not continue in the space he in a possible second term occupies the Cambiemos

Monzó – and even his little table that has been with him for years and who also saw the dismissal of sciolism and denarism – accused the coup and closed the phones to the press.

By the way, they do not believe to leave the space they helped build since 2011, but they believe that the future and promised "exile" of Monzó in Spain's embassy will be completed well before December 2019 (some think it would happen with the ovations of authorities at the end of the year), and that the consequences will reach the second corner of Congress and the Buenos Aires legislator.

Those who spoke with Monzó during this week coincide: they perceived him "relieved" after washing the speech with the president reinforced on Monday after a telephone conversation with Peña, who was finally the one who announced his fourth-place resignation in the presidency.

Nobody heard him withdraw his criticism of Jaime Durán Barba or Energy Minister Juan José Aranguren, even though he defended the government's customs policy during the session last Wednesday. "He was in a very important place of decision, and he is no longer there, he got tired and he can not find ways to criticize and listen to him," described one of the Pro Group members with whom he spoke the last few days. 19659009] Together with Monzó, who planned to go to Spain in the middle of next year, two of his loyalists went through a complicated week: Pro-Bloc's President in Deputies Nicolás Massot and Parliamentary Secretary Silvia Lospennato. Both must renew their seat next year.

"Masso will not continue to be the head of the block, and Silvia does not want to keep doing what she's doing," said another member of the group.

Only Sebastián De Luca, number two of the Ministry of the Interior with Rogelio Frigerio, seems to be certain at the moment. "He built his own political capital, always with low profile", they confirmed from that ministry, pointing out that De Luca accompanied the president in his last trips to the decor, like this week to Santa Fe.

In Buenos Aires legislature Marcelo Daletto (whose term expires in 2019) and Guillermo Bardón, two men directly referring to Monzó, practice "extreme widespreadism" so that Governor María Eugenia Vidal's army can not reach them.

"He knows that he was wrong several times, he faced Peña and lost, confronted Vidal and he also lost, one is the political driver of space, and María Eugenia is the governor and politicians with the best image." [19659005] Anyway, its passage to the winter quarters put on alert Peronists of space Let's change or justiciate leaders who meditate their passage to these joints.

"I'm worried about Emilio, a wise guy who knows and deep politics," said one of the peronist leaders in a low voice that Frigerio tries to seduce to be candidates in the northern provinces.

In the affected group, former Miguel Saredi, who is a candidate for slaughter during the last two elections, was asked to compete in PASO against the candidate of Casa Rosada in the district, the National Education Minister, Alejandro Finocchiaro.

"After 15 years, I am more than Pro as Peronist, and I know that decisions in this space are agreed with unity," he said.
LA NACION Diego Santilli, deputy director of the Buenos Aires government and "candidate" to replace Monzó during a possible second term for Macri.

"What about Emilio is a problem explained by what happened in the province when he thought there were other alternatives, and then won Maria Eugenia, an official said close to the Human Resources Officer, who on Monday confirmed his historical" disagreements "with Monzó.

The beginning of the differences between Monzó and the hard core of Pro came when he, after marketing the alliance with the UCR and the civilian coalition, proposed an agreement with Sergio Massa, an idea rejected. Already in the government he fought without luck to capture governors and peronist mayors who were willing to cooperate. Tired of the frustrations, he announced his step to the side. At the same time, he lowered his profile and waited until the decline to rethink his future.

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