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Miguel Lifschitz said he could be re-elected for the constitutional reform of Santa Fe

Governor of Santa Fe, Miguel Lifschitz, wants only two conditions for election offices in Santa Fe Source: LA NACION – Credit: Mauro Alfieri

SANTA FE.- Governor of Santa Fe, the Socialist

Miguel Lifschitz
today announced before the legislature meeting in the beginning of the 136rd regular session of the local legislature that if the thought of his reshuffle next year is a barrier to reforming the province's constitution, over the past two years, side to facilitate its treatment.

"Personally, my problem is not re-election, my problem is to achieve a reform of the constitution that allows us to say we did, We are capable, we can dream and imagine the holy belief of the 21st century and translate it into a constitution you have answered, it's worth it, says the current governor.

Lifschitz did not shame the opposition's criticism of the possibility of promoting the constitutional reform by saying that "if time is not now then?" the election years are not good and the non-election years then? "

Almost at the end of his speech, the governor told deputies and senators that "it's time to make changes or additions." Everything can change as long as the spirit of reform is maintained. Santa Fe deserves a debate that meets the expectations that this issue generates. "

As reported, Lifschitz has already sent a project to the deputies, where his lawyer tries to treat him as soon as possible so that a possible approval is given between May and the first months of the second term.


The main change would be the introduction of the re-election number because all optional positions, both provincial and municipal and municipal, would be limited to two conditions in four years each.

In so many weeks before the Peronist provincial leader Luis Rubeo presented his own project of constitutional reform, similar to that presented by Governor Miguel Lifschitz, but eliminates the re-election of the current president in Santa Fe to avoid "personal or party interests".

At the beginning of his message The governor said, "We all belong to a province in March, the future presents us with horizons, some closer, others more distant" and assured that "2019 is an arrival and departure point. I think about it in both ways, both personally and politically. "

In what was interpreted as a disguised criticism of the national government of

Let's change
Lifschitz said, "We continue to be killed by injustice, the pain of our people, elder, addiction," even though he acknowledged that "the Argentinian people are willing to make more efforts, but add more to those who can."

Gradualism in tariffs

A good part of his message was directed at the issue of public service rates. "Updating interest rates is a correct decision, but it must be done gradually," the governor pointed out in Santa Fe.

"I share the national government's diagnosis of the support system that existed, which benefited both sectors. I think the decision to update prices is correct, but it must be done gradually. We said this at the meeting with governors, where we suggested gradually and territorial process would be carried out in ten years, understand that you can not take this action as if it had nothing to do with inflation, as if it were a technical problem, says Lifschitz.

"The energy consumed must be paid, but it must be made open. It's a problem where we do not need to play politically, "he stressed.

He also referred to the debt for involvement that remains unpaid by the national government." We will not come here to accept any proposal if we reach an acceptable agreement will we hand it over to the legislator for consideration, otherwise we will address the legal requirement "insisted

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