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Mercurio ofrecará raro espectáculo: desfilar frente al Sol

Cabo Cañaveral, Florida – Mercurio ofreception and inexplicable aspects of the state of the world, cuando desfile frente al Sol ya la vista de caso todo el mundo.

The planet may be the system of solar and electric power Now there is only a couple of points to the point where you just went to Tierra and El Sol. The transit time is 7:35 am, when the cost of Estados Unidos is reached.

The event is 5½ hours and very visible, with the equipment and the permissible climatic conditions, and the area of ​​Estados Unidos, Canada , Mexico, Centroamerica and Sudamerica. The rest of North America, Europe and Africa are part of the accession. Asia and Australia's Percentage of Aspects.

A difference between the transitional and 201

6, and the Mercurio dará en el blanco, which is just as effective as the center of the new estrella.

The proximity of the Mercurio 20 year The Norteamérica habitats do not survive until 2049. The 13th and 14th transits of the Mercurio and the Sailors are sealed. . Las gafas que se usaron and Estados Unidos for the eclipse solar total of the number of our paths to the new, per se or necesitaria tener of a "vision exceptional" for the detector of Mercurio, Alex Young, astrophysical solar of NASA.

The Mercurio showed a diameter of 4,800 kilometers (3,000 millas), after no comparisons of 1.4 millimeters (864,000 millas) of the Sol.

A journey through the Parasca spring, Mercurio pasará frente al Sol and una velocidad aproximada de 241,000 miles per hour (150,000 miles per hour).

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