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Marcelo Tinelli's rough opinion on the Diego Maradona conflict: "It gives me a lot …"

The creator of "Dancing" gets into a controversial topic.

The entertainment world was revolutionized after details of Diego Maradona's current life were known, even Marcelo Tinelli expressed it. It all started with the celebration of the 59th anniversary "Ten " where his daughter Giannina said he saw it in complicated circumstances and was responsible for spreading it on social networks.

The question lay on everyone's lips and the most famous driver in Argentina (Tinelli) expressed himself about the conflict between the former member of the Argentine national team with his family: " I am very sorry that Claudia and Diego are antagonized s . I don't know if it surprises me. I am very sorry for the great love I have for Diego. Because of my friendship with Claudia, basic with Claudia. "

Later, the leader of" Super Dancing "added:" My daughters are friends with their daughters and I feel sorry for all this. Claudia is a person I love very much. She is very friendly with Gabriela Galaretto, head of the Ideas del Sur foundation and we have a very close relationship. ”The celebrity knew how to grow a close relationship with Diego and his family over the years and remained so even in the darkest times.

As for his intimate relationship with Maradona exclaimed the driver: "A Diego I love him . Sometimes we talk or send each other a message. I want that in addition to the things and things you have had in life with close people. We come from the same generation. We have lived good and bad moments. "Confessed the leader of" San Lorenzo "firmly.

It should be remembered that Diego denied his daughter's statements that he "remained impaled" through a video on his social networks and his girlfriend, Rocío Oliva came out to support he in the media says that "it's good and wise." On the opposite end is his daughters next to Claudia who revealed that the man almost drowned in his own vomit during his birthday. Time will show who is posting the truth.

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