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López was filed in the Ezeiza prison

Businessman will wait in prison for the oral attempt for tax evasion Source: Archivo – Credit: Enrique García Medina

One month after regaining his liberty, the businessman returned Cristóbal López and his partner Fabián de Sousa to prison . The player's tsar arrived after midnight in the Ezeiza prison, where he was detained for 87 days until a controversial verdict by the federal court released him.

López gave up Friday in the Sentinel building in the Gendarmerie near 20. After midnight he was transferred to the Ezeiza prison. The Sousa, meanwhile, was transferred to Marcos Paz prison. The prisoners who were included in the IRIC, a method applied by the Penitentiary Service for prisoners for corruption related to corruption.

Cristóbal López spent his first day in jail alone, even if it was visited by relatives today, according to official sources informed about the nation. After the corresponding medical studies, the authorities in the penitentiary had already assigned him a cell.

Businessman Kirchner was arrested last day after being in law for more than 40 days. The Chamber of Criminal Chamber ordered the arrest of the owners of Grupo Indalo, bearing in mind that the seriousness of the fraud of fraudulent administration gave rise to imprisonment before the trial pending the oral trial, which has not yet calculated the date.

The businessmen are accused of retaining $ 8 billion from the fuel tax through Oil Company SA. The maneuvering – in view of the judges – counted on the reluctance of ex-AFIP Ricardo Echegaray, which is treated in the file but will remain liberated.

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