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Lifschitz returns to claim fairness in debt for involvement if there is no national proposal

The governor of Santa Fe opened a new regular period of the provincial legislature specified in the Constitution of Santa Fe that Lifschitz itself intends to reform and, inter alia, deepen the legislation from March as in most districts

In his speech he put positioning against tariffs, work on the flexibility of work, which the national government intends to deepen, the debt for involvement and recurrent drug crime in Rosario and Santa Fe. As a final effort, he again insisted on the need to reform the constitution.

"I share the national government's diagnosis", Lifschitz acknowledged in relation to the "completely distorted" customs system and "irrational subsidies favoring popular sectors and high income sectors. And that they also discriminated against the décor." It must be addressed. "

Even if he felt that the measures could not be taken "as if it were a technical matter". or, absolutely lacking social and economic consequences, I told the Minister of Energy "and warns that the increases can not act" as a brake on economic activity and fuel for inflation "

also pointed out the requirement that he made the president to provinces and municipalities in order to reduce tax burden by finding that local taxes do not "change the structural program", even though he committed to making efforts to mitigate the impact of the pockets.

In this sense, Lifschitz advanced a technical commission to study the cost structure and in advance everything continues with EPE's investment plan with additional budget lines to the company, as the work in electricity infrastructure so far has been supported by the real funds collected by the company in the assembly of the service.

Another point that generated friction between the Santa Fe government and the national and that Lifschitz included in his speech was that the blame for said misconduct with the highest court and as in the debate on tax consensus was established as a limit on March 31

for the state to make a payment proposal.

Following a review of the process that resulted in the Supreme Court's decision that Nacin commits to cease holding 15 percent of involvement and acknowledging the accumulated debt, Lifschitz warned that if we did not reach a satisfactory agreement "we will continue the legal requirement , now with an in-depth more to our advantage ".

Is the proposal that Macrias government called on to share in pesos bonds and the rest with public works that led "fruitless negotiations" according to the words of the Socialist Governor "the original proposal was far from our expectations and we did not come here to accept anything proposal ", but clarifies that the political and administrative bodies will be exhausted before returning to the judiciary.

On the one hand, the resurgence of violence in connection with the fight for territorial control between drug dealers, which returned to pay attention to the crime indices, especially in Rosario after the relegation of the headbands, the Governor made two concrete requests:

On the one hand, greater commitment from the federal justice, where the reasons for the advance do so without necessary flexibility and with few elements for complex investigations and, on the other hand, that provincial justice has the power to participate in the causes of narcomen eo.

"We do not strive to pursue the consumer through the small supplier, but to the criminal drug trade organizations working in the neighborhood and where the outlets make the site very dangerous to the neighbors."

Reform and Re-election

Governor took advantage of the legislator before provincial

"My problem is not re-election, my problem is to achieve a reform of the constitution that allows us to say that we could do as we could, our grandchildren will have rights and guarantees that we did not have. We can dream and imagine the holy belief of the 21st century, "confirmed Lifschitz, even though he avoided announcing self-ruling as his predecessor Binner and Bonfatti did.

"We want a reform of the Constitution to establish the state's neutrality, to introduce the new criminal institutions, claim new rights, extend social and human rights," remark the president.

In addition, the governor felt that it was urgent and necessary to institutionalize gender equality. "Can not continue waiting," he said, adding that we are "before a true revolution of women, a silent revolution" and I remembered that "the future is only possible if it is organic, inclusive and feminist. "

Box: Flexibility and Neoliberalism

In his speech, the governor established position at the state seat in Argentina when he acknowledged that "I believe in the market economy but that it is maintained in addition to competition with the cooperation" and considered that The economy must strive for common good, a "human economy".

"It is not the way for labor flexibility that deserves a broader debate that benefits the economy and also the workers" he asked and confirmed that the crisis "we have to go out above, we can not keep the government deficit or reduce the state by limiting social services ".

"We must abandon the neoliberalism manual, which is the failure manual that leads to social and environmental disaster," the governor asserted, adding that "we can not believe that our energy future depends only on Vaca Muerta" and stresses the need for to invest in clean energies and then warn that the energy crisis is not overcome by "privatization or centralized bureaucracy."

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