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Lavezzi returns from retirement to play in Argentine football? His brother’s response to a fan: “He’s coming”

Ezequiel Lavezzi with his brothers Diego and Agustín
Ezequiel Lavezzi with his brothers Diego and Agustín

Cristian González He has not yet led his first exercise in charge of Primera de Rosario Central, but it seems his bike started with everything. In his assumption as a new coach, Kily dropped the bomb that was in permanent contact with Ezequiel Lavezzi and Angel Di Maria and excited all the fans of Canalla with the arrival of world runners with Selection in Brazil 2014.

While the case of Video is more complex, the situation Pocho It took more and more strength and now one of them was winking at the former player who hung up his boots in December 2019 to return from retirement his own brother.

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First, Diego Lavezzi he filled the Rosario public with hope with a story about Instagram. “How cute the tattoo will be done when I paint it with the cutest sweater in the world! For some reason I didn’t paint it then. You were always in honor and dreams you always fulfilled. You don’t leave the ink unfinished, gilWas the message where he tagged the right trader off 35 years next to a picture of his arm with a tattoo of the face of the former students of Caseros and San Lorenzo.

Immediately the publication toured all social networks, but there was one user who was invited to send a message to Gringo, who was a candidate for Vice President of the Comunidad Canalla Group: “What about Pocho? Will it come or not? Greetings”, asked the question along with two heart emojis in the colors of Academia Rosario. “The”the relative replied to the former PSG without twists.

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For his part, Pocho He is in Paris, where he could be seen visiting several of his former colleagues, and it is rumored that he will travel to the next few days Barcelona to see Dr. Ramon Cugat, who was responsible for Sergio Agüero’s knee surgery. The intention of Lavezzi It is to undergo medical studies to check your physical condition and only then make the decision to return to activity or not.

“Besides that he never played in Central, I know he’s dying to put on a Central jersey. I know this because I have a relationship with him, I talk to my brother, my family and I know how he knows Central. It’s about seeing, analyzing a lot of things. What he wants. Here the doors are open for all players who want to be in the club, “had expressed Kily a couple of days ago.

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