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Karina La Princesita's rage night against Charlotte Caniggia: "Worse is to live in this country and not speak Spanish well"

The night of Charlotte Canigia's rage with Karina La Princesita (Video: "ShowMatch" – The Thirteen)

It all started last week, when Karina La Princesita was presented in ShowMatch to the Cha Cha Pop's rhythm. At the beginning of his choreography with his partner, Damián García he sang some fragments of the song "Señorita" (from Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello ) and then danced . But she admitted that her performance was not the best. " The song went wrong . They risk someone deciding to run with asthma, which I live as a girl with, and I decided to sing the same live," he said on his Twitter account.

Days later, in the same program, teased Charlotte Caniggia on her showmate: " He sang and" made ladri "," he sold smoke ". He sings poorly in English. In Spanish he sings well but in English she sings poorly. I listened to her ".

In the broadcast of Dancing last Friday, Karina remembered the words from Charlotte and said very furiously: "I like her, but I don't I am no fool to answer and I would have a thousand things to say But I say: Do I feel like getting into these things? I really came here to have a good time. I respect my classmates, but yes I think it is wrong to bank a low banknote and throw land to a partner . We take a zero on the other v ez and we knocked off ourselves, and it seems to me that we look a lot at our work and not what others do. "

In that sense he said he did not was offended by Charlotte's words, but insisted on his desire to respond. To begin with, he did it to imitate the media voice: " I like her very much and I have fun, I have nothing bad to say … Because I don't want to . I share her opinion that I went wrong again., and this is good to realize and not to be a sovereign who does not realize it went wrong. I am a singer and I study a lot I know it did not turn out well, I know the pronunciation was not good also But I say, it is also to notice my courage to come there to sing in a language I do not understand. And it seems to me that it was good, but worse it seems to me that I live in this country and does not speak Spanish well . [19659003] "I don't care what she thinks. I suck an egg, "Charlotte tried to defend herself, visibly upset. He added:" I'm one of the few who speak English here, that's my opinion . "

Of course, Charlotte wasn't only goal with La Princesita, because she also focused on Lourdes Sánchez who had said he had heard her "out of tempo." In this regard, the singer said: "What I think is that is a song went wrong for me, that doesn't mean I sing badly in English. That she (Lourdes) had an error in choreography does not mean that she is not a dancer she is excellent and in fact I admire her a lot. "

" And what bothers me is when they use the terms as if they knew, when they didn't (know). I said to Lourdes: "You have to know why you are a singer." What happened to me is that it would not be emptied, so when I hear what they say "to me it was emptied," I say: "Oh, yes, they do not know and they think." I honestly crossed something when I sang, it's not that I emptied … Do you understand what crossed me? "he asked, then pointed to the coach Barby Reali .

Karina La Princesita also pointed to Barby Reali (Video: "ShowMatch" – The Thirteen)

In her opinion it was she who disagreed Scandal was about trying to "scold" Karina for singing her choreography "and wasting her time instead of "In this regard, he said:" I thought it was not placed . If you sing and steal eight songs come from & # 39; ladri & # 39 ;, then a trick choreo to avoid dancing is also filled "ladri". So in any case, a greeting from a & # 39; ladri & # 39; to another & # 39; ladri & # 39; ".

The choreography of Karina La Princesita who put out the scandal (Video:" ShowMatch "- The Thirteen)

" I know I'm defending myself, I'm attacking not you, I have every right in the world, and I must also say that in the case where you are angry, anger must be directed to the corresponding. If it bothered you that the jury put you on a low note that you had the jury to prove it was with them and not with me you put me down when I had nothing to do, "he concluded. [19659012]
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