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Juan Guaidó explained that all international brokerage would lead Nicolás Maduro to go out: "They will not confuse us"

"We appreciate every effort, but here we are clear and they will not confuse us" said the interim president and assured that they corresponded to the invitation from Norway to "approximate solutions that go through the cessation of the transition, The transitional leader and free elections. "

The opposition leader also said that the regime is" so weak "that he wanted to" manipulate "with a dialogue: " Don't be fooled, they are so weak that they wanted to manipulate us with a dialogue , we went to the invitation of a friendly country like Norway. "

During an act in Guatire, he asked to continue in the only direction towards which the opposition is heading:" government of transition and free elections ". "The dictatorship is defeated, we conquer democracy (…) The time has come to move forward to achieve freedom" he said.

Guaidó, recognized as interim president in more than 50 countries, dismissed the statements by Maduro, who on Friday proclaimed "the beginning of the talks" with the Venezuelan opposition in Norway

Since he was declared interim president on January 23, Guaidó light mass demonstrations where he has called the military to turn his back on the Chavista dictator.

This Saturday, he led a rally in Guarenas, on the outskirts of Caracas. At the end of the law, small groups of opponents and chavista's slogan shouted in the middle of the street without being physically assaulted.

On Thursday Guaidó revealed the contacts and assured that it was the second time that Norway invited His representatives and Maduro who fought for a combat force for nearly four months in the oil country, fell in the worst socio-economic crisis in its recent history .

Oppositionists are Vice-President of the European Parliament, Stalin González and former Deputy Gerardo Blayde while the Minister of Communications, Jorge Rodríguez and Governor Héctor Rodríguez and Governor Héctor Rodríguez they are delegates from Maduro.

Norway has a long tradition of "facilitator" in peace processes in the world. In Oslo, the Israeli Palestinian agreements and peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas were signed in 2016.

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