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Jorge Rial's emotional message to Morena on his first mother's day: "You gave me …"

The driver shared a sweet greeting to his daughter.

This year, on March 27, Morena Rial gave birth to her first child, Francesco Benicio, the result of her relationship with Facundo Ambrosioni. Although with their father, Jorge Rial, they had their disagreements, since the baby was born they are more united than ever and the journalist is very happy to be a grandfather. Yesterday he actually left a sweet message to his daughter on her first mother's day.

Through his official Instagram account the driver of Intruders shared a beautiful postcard de More with Francesco and wrote: “We went through many. Good and bad. But you gave me the best gift in the world. And I will thank you all my life. Happy mother's first day. Enjoy the miracle that gave you life. Enjoy Fran, who gave us smiles in mass. I love you. "

The speech from Jorge on the day of the child's birth should be remembered. At the opening of his program, he commented: “Francesco was born, I am very happy, I thank everyone who called me. Thank you very much. I want to thank my daughter who made me grandfather to this beauty who is Francesco. It measures 45 centimeters, it's as tall as the father. He has her mouth and you can say my hands. "

" I am very excited, I have not yet fallen.
This feeling is rare. I'm totally happy. I thank Romina
(Pereiro, his girlfriend), Chini (Rocío, his other daughter), Romi's daughters ”,
he added. “It's weird because I've been doing this program for almost 20 years and you
They saw my daughters being born. And twenty years later, one of them makes me a grandfather.
You're part of my family, that's why I share it. Everyone on the channel
They know since they were little. They were two little girls … until yesterday. "

"I talked to Morena, I told him I couldn't believe it, that he had formed his family, that he changed his life from now on and had a reason to live forever. This is forever. Inside I thought: 'Now we will start to understand, he will start to understand me, he will know how to understand the mistakes I made and forgive some things that I have done as a father. Hopefully you see us more: I love you, you made me perfectly happy, you made me enter a new scene in my life, which will be grandfather. I want the program to go to my daughter and my grandchild quickly, ” Rial closed.

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