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Jennifer Aniston has a controversial recipe to combat abuse in the industry

The actress openly confessed to this subject, which also affected her in her beginning on TV.

Undoubtedly, actresses Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are the main course that will present the Apple TV + service in its regular programming. This is the project "The Morning Show" a fiction in which filmmakers who share the stage with Steve Carell investigate the power struggle with the TV presenters for the morning, which is noted in a note in Vanit Fair magazine.

The burning issue
This program also has to do with the #MeToo movement that was first created in networks
social and now it has spread all over the world. Well, the character that
will talk about this theme called "Mitch Kessler" and be interpreted by
Carell. This story tells when Kessler was accused of sexual abuse; all
This is based on what happened to NBC host Matt Lauer.

Now Aniston was blunt in saying the following: "There is an absolute denial -" He was approved, he was approved "- all these men who are this narcissistic. Of course, they believe that all women want to sleep with them [1


While Witherspoon added:
“We have to change the power structures. Just the fact that she and I
we produce our own material, and things begin
go better when it comes to gender equality [representación] power, will prevent inappropriate behavior at work. "

On the other hand, the ex-protagonist in the "Friends" series also spoke with The Telegraph and told her that "she has also separated her personal problems from her public image." It is one of the most recurring aspects of the industry. Then he added that "a real person must get up early, have a good face and smile at America." In fact, Aniston said that, as a regular person, "there are days when he doesn't want to see or talk to anyone," but decides to meet him with the best spirit.

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