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It was reported to hit a cat to kill him and now the most hated youtuber in the networks – 12/20/2018

His name is Matías Vera Oyarzún, 15 years old, he is from southern Chile and became the most hated character in social networks. Like many children of his age, he has his own channel on YouTube and achieved relative success with 12,000 followers. But a video he published a few weeks ago made him the big villain on the web . He was recorded to kill his cat, with a bad and sadism, rarely seen and logically speaking, the user stopped questioning him.

In the network he calls himself "Peluchin Entertainment" and although he had to remove the video of murder on the pet, continues to publish as if nothing had happened. Therefore his channel is collapsed with commentaries that offend him and on Twitter there are two hashtags (#JusticiaParaJason and #PeluchinEntertainment), where users pick up his anger on him and even ask him to go to jail.

  In the video you see him killing his pet to death.

In the video he was seen to kill his pet.

The rage of animal defenders, upset by the violence youtuber murdered the cat hacked their accounts revealed their private data and even the pressed authorities to act accordingly.

  #JusticiaParaSota: A police in Barcelona brutally kills a dog in front of the owner "src =" https://images.clarin.com/collections/static/lazy_square.svg "data-big =" https: // images.clarin .com / 2018/12/19 / _LxGzEN6s_290x290__1.jpg "data-small =" https://images.clarin.com/2018/12/19/_LxGzEN6s_290x140__1.jpg

Efter the great impact and disturbance of the public that generated this episode, is that the investigating police (PDI) reported that the case is already being investigated.

  The Chilean Youtuberna is hated by everyone in the networks.

The Chilean Youtuber is Hated by All in the Network

"We informed the Public Prosecutor about this background, which jointly ordered certain procedures and after an investigative process as a witness speech we were able to determine the identity of the minority to parents' parents and how the events occurred The cat died and we have no record of where the origin is. Currently the prosecutor instructed him not to take a statement from minors, "said Deputy Commissioner for Criminal Matters, Deputy Commissioner Mauricio Negrete.

The ultimate prosecutor of Punta Arenas, Fernando Dobson, said the crime with animal abuse begins for 61 days in prison and can reach 540 days

"That type of situation is punished by the Criminal Code and constitutes a special crime ] which is one of animal abuse, as it may also be responsible for a minor injuries of adolescent criminal liability law and before this situation n The prosecutor must initiate an investigation ex officio for such an act, "concluded the specialist.

  Jason, the cat killed by youtuber

Jason, the cat killed by youtuber

In principle, there is no reason for the youtuber, even though the social condemnation has no mercy. In his latest video published there are more than 6 thousand comments with insults against him and on Twitter and Facebook, all kinds of material is sent to him.

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