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It takes $ 2,000 more to drive

After four, this year the price of fuel increases, filling the idea of ​​mobilizing private vehicle costs on average 2,000 pesos more than a year ago and referring to the use of two full tanks a month. 1

9659002] Taking into account the amounts defined by the company Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales (YPF), performing two full fuel volumes, average monthly cost for a user using the vehicle each day traveling sections from the microcenter to Posada suburbs, cost 1,810 dollars more than twelve months ago with supernaphtha, while the difference extends with the Infinia product to 2,044 pesos more than was spent in 2018.

Last April, liters of super gasoline cost $ 28.89 while Infinia reached a value of $ 31.95 in the provincial capital. Thus, a tank of 50 liters of super was charged in a car at a cost of 1444.5 pesos (the average monthly expense when the tank was filled twice amounted to $ 2,889) and with the best product the cost was 1,597.5 pesos ($ 3,195 to fill two tanks).

First, with the current price chart, after the fourth increase in 2019 which began to affect the last day of April in Posada's YPF stations, Supernaphtha is worth $ 46.99 and Infinia $ 52.39. That way, the tank with the first price costs $ 2,349.5 (with the average monthly charge for two tanks going up to $ 4,699); while Infinia gasoline has to pay $ 2,691.5 to fill the tank (and $ 5,299 to get full load twice a month).

It should be remembered that by the end of 2015, when President Mauricio Macri adopted his mandate, supernaphtha cost $ 15.8 per liter and Infinia $ 16.62. With these amounts, to fill the tank twice in the same month, you needed $ 1,580 with super and $ 1,662 the other. Compared to current costs, to fill the tank on two occasions with Super Gasoline, pesos required 3,119 pounds less than now. While in Infini's alternative, it costs SEK 3,577 less than at present, according to the reference values ​​for the state-owned company YPF.

Variations with diesel

The same situation is repeated with diesel fuel, considering that since the beginning of May, every liter costs $ 43.88, while Infinia Diesel reached $ 51, 43. [19659003] A year ago, at the same YPF stations the diesel product per liter was worth $ 24.48 ($ 19.4 cheaper than current price) and Infinia Diesel cost $ 28.43 ($ 23 less per liter).

In comparison to the 2015 prices, when Diesel was $ 12.91 and Infinia Diesel at $ 14.69, the difference for each liter is increased to $ 30.97 and $ 36.74 respectively cheaper than today.

Claims from Clients

In this complicated situation, users make their complaints heard. " It's very difficult to use the car lately. You can't pay the price you charge to load the naphtha. What companies do is a direct attack on their customers because many people need their vehicles every day, either for work obligations or for example taking their children to school.

Unfortunately, we do not have another to accept and continue to pay, says a motorist at FIRST EDITION while looking with concern about how much he [19659002] "I try to use the smaller and smaller car," said another user and added: "It sometimes happens that it is important to take out the vehicle because of obligations, hurry, rainy or emergency days. But when I can, I move differently, go or collectively, because it is impossible to allocate so much money to naphtha. "

At the same time, another driver with dismissed humor said" before paying the 500 peso bill, he loaded more than half of the tank, now with the same silver, the needle on the board shows what was loaded. "

At the same time, in connection with this newspaper, a gas station employee confirmed that" there is a falling demand is a trend that comes from many months ago. We notice a lot of discomfort among the people at the prices, especially when the increases are new, fortunately the majority understand that it is not our fault and they do not take us, the workers, but they let us know their complaints. "

" We also noticed that there are more and more regular customers who stopped charging Premium naphtha and went to Super, and very few requests to fill the tank. " They charge a little too little because it is obviously there is no money in the street, "closed the user.

Marked descent when selling high quality fuels

According to the official data released until March by the Secretary of the National Energy Issues the fuel market is experiencing a fall of six consecutive months, where it exists a strong migration from the consumption of high quality products to traditional.

It depends on the loss of the buying power of the Argentine society. In this regard, the president of the Argentine Federation of the Naftha Foreign Ministry (FAENI) pointed out that the transition to regular products "strikes the vending machine economy. The increase in fuel over the past year actually doubled the rise in inflation and it explains the transition from Premium to regular. "

For their part, Cristian Folgar, former secretary of the fuel of the nation, said:" It is understood that migration because purchasing capacity in general has declined sharply and this has a strong impact on gas station profitability margins. "

More Increases

The problem will be exacerbated for drivers who need to use their vehicles, as indicated by different companies in the market, the difference between the price of import parity – the reference – and the local value continues to fall between 7% and 20 %. For this reason, they predicted that new increases in fuel charges will soon be registered across the country.

The price delay is due to the latest changes in the dollar and the international price of crude oil which accumulates a 48% increase in pesos, pointed out by the business community.

From the Federation Federation Federation (FECAC), it advanced that next month in June there will be an increase of at least 12% in fuel prices

Therefore, they demanded that the national government attempt to reach an agreement with the sector that serves to stop them high rises that later become an expansion of inflation.

Thus, Gabriel Borneconi, president of the FECAC, recalled that at the end of last year "an international balance sheet was reached and there was no delay" between the dollar and the international price of oil.

However, he stressed that so far this year, the dollar and commodity rose faster than the increases we had in the cartels. "" By law two years ago every three months, according to the Med Consumer Price Index (CPI), the tax is increasing. Now he was going to play on June 1st. Yes or yes, they will increase fuel prices, it would be 12%, "he stressed.

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