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Intel finally admits to losing part of the market to AMD

If you circle this world, you know that Ryzen 3000 has meant a blow to the blue team. AMD received a strong recovery from recent years and Intel has accepted its merits a bit afterwards and reluctantly. But today we will see the interesting statements from one of the most important representatives of the blue giant.

Intel acknowledges its loss of part of the market and plans to put the batteries

Competition is good for users, says companies are competing with each other by offering better prices, higher specifications and more. But we did not experience such a situation for in more than a decade and Intel were very reluctant to get off the donkey. Until not too long ago, we could count on our fingers one hand the times the blue team praised the good work in the competition.

  Intel vs. AMD

Not for nothing, make a few days, Jason Grebe offered at the conference Citi Global Tech his vision of it . His words were encouraging, but he also confirmed the return of the high competition between AMD and Intel .

Generally, yes There is a sale of a CPU on the planet, we want to join. We don't look at any segment and say, "okay, let's leave this segment" or "we're not interested in it." We want to compete aggressively in all segments.

While we were going through the stock problem for the last 6-12 months in the PC section, we had to move from some low ranges for laptops as well as desktops. But as we improve our situation, we will continue to become increasingly aggressive.

Jason Grebe, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Cloud Technology and Platforms Group.

Of course, this is good news for users, because it means that AMD has really returned to the load.

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In the coming months we will see various releases and announcements from both companies, so we wait to see what they will get U.S.

And you, what do you expect from Intel? Which company do you think offers the best products? Share your ideas in the comments box.

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